Letter to the editor: How do we win? Advice from a World War II veteran

I am a World War II veteran who participated in seven campaigns and three invasions. I feel it is past time for me to tell my story.

What is it like to be here 94 years? I have always lived with the strong feeling that no matter what, this nation is still and will always remain “one nation under God.” No matter how it looks, we will still win as long as we want to win.

How do we win?

  1. Care

If you do not care, about yourself, there is no way you can care about others. You have to know where you came from before you know where you are going.

  1. Tell the truth.

We all make mistakes. When you err and find out you did, admit it at once. People will honor you for that. You hide a mistake and it will haunt you forever.

  1. Speak up.

Give your thoughts about the future of our country. Be sure you have all the facts you need to defend your position. Get this by listening to all sides. Read up on the beliefs and opinions of the other side. Remember the other side has First Amendment rights, just as you do.

  1. Always look them in the eyes.

Never turn away when engaging. If they look in other directions to avoid your eyes, you will know that they are not sincere and you have won that debate.

  1. Be award of the needs of others.

Be willing to share what you have in money and goodwill. As you life goes on you will find all you have passed on to others will come back to you. Most always it will surprise you. Give thought to the good things happening and you will know the Lord always repays good deeds.

  1. Smile.

A smile is contagious. You give one and you will get one back. A smile lets people know, no matter the situation, that you care. Also, “smiles is the longest word in the dictionary – there is a “mile” between the first and last letter.

  1. Leadership

If you don’t already, develop a desire to lead instead of being a follower. Followers are most always “do nothings.” When asked, “What if I do not see anyone following?” – I say, “If you are doing the right things, you will begin to notice others following your example.”