Letter to the editor: Human trafficking

I am writing to express my concern over an issue that is both important and appalling, yet almost never talked about – human trafficking. It is a widespread, worldwide issue that has even taken root in our own country but I have not heard one peep about it from any news outlet.

As I was doing research for a school project, I was startled to realize that there are over 35 million people forced into slavery today, according to the estimates of several organizations.

As a frame of reference, there are more enslaved people than there have ever been at one time in the known history of the world.

Over half are women and almost 40 percent are children.

These people face physical, sexual and emotional abuse and violation every day. It is difficult for them to escape their situations and they often face scorn from the people who are supposed to be helping them, like the police.

How have we let this happen without talking about it?

The United States fought a war to end slavery and we continue fighting in other countries to end human rights’ violations. Are we really willing to overlook this issue simply because it is distasteful to talk about?

I encourage the readers to research the issue and raise awareness about this crime against humanity or to donate to organizations such as the Justice Mission. We cannot let this go on.