I am proud of my hometown Tulsa and here’s my thanks

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and though I’ve had many opportunities to move elsewhere, I choose to continue to make my home here in Tulsa.  There are many ingredients that make Tulsa the ideal place to work and live, but first among them is the character and quality of Tulsans.

These Winners’ Wisdom columns are read weekly by millions of people in hundreds of publications around the world, but from time to time, I like to send everyone in the world a generic column and share a special offering for my fellow Tulsans.

So, here’s to Mayor Bynum and all of our city employees who dedicate themselves to keeping Tulsa great and making it even better.  Here’s to Dr. Wilson and everyone in the Stovall Administrative Center at ORU for continuing to keep Tulsa in the center of a global mission in the year of Oral Roberts’ 100th birthday.  Here’s to Kristin Dotson and all my friends at Celebrity Attractions for bringing the best of Broadway to Tulsa.  Here’s to Jeremy Sadler and his team at the Warren DoubleTree Hotel for taking care of Tulsa and our guests.

Here’s to everyone at The Little Lighthouse for reminding us that abilities always supersede disabilities.  Here’s to Nick Sidorakis and his world-class team at Southern Hills Country Club for bringing championships and the world’s spotlight to Tulsa.  Here’s to my own Narrative Television Network team for helping blind people around the world to see and helping those who have sight to live with vision.  Here’s to everyone at Tulsa’s first-class BOK Center.  They make the best acts in the world want to come to Tulsa.

Here’s to Deron Spoo and everyone at First Baptist Church for keeping the tradition alive now and for eternity.  Here’s to Pat Campbell and everyone at 1170 Radio for giving Tulsa a place to talk.  Here’s to Russ Kirkpatrick and Andy Kinslow for producing film projects that bring great ideas and stories to the screen.  Here’s to Marcello, Daniela, and everyone at the Tulsa Ballet for bringing the best of ballet to Tulsa and bringing Tulsa ballet to the world.  And last but never least, here’s to my friend Dave Walker, all Tulsa police officers, and first responders for running toward the danger while we’re running away from it.

When you see these heroes around town, please thank them for all of us, and feel free to send me the names of other hometown heroes here in Tulsa that I can feature in the future.

As you go through your day today, be grateful for Tulsa and Tulsans.

Today’s the day!