I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year in 2018

As we now come to the final week in the “Year of Our Lord” 2017, so much has happened this year that it would take several pages of typed printing to  cover it all.

And since these efforts of mine are being published in a few papers and therefore subject to editorial license and possible (most likely) size restrictions, not all will be covered here. In addition, there would be no guarantee that every incident that happened would be forthcoming from my already nearly full memory drive.

The most major item occurred in January with the inauguration of U.S. President number 45, Donald J. Trump, much to the dismay and wailing of most of those in the entertainment and national media fields. Some had even proclaimed earlier that “if Trump is elected, I’m leaving the country” – which in my opinion would have been an improvement of our society. I haven’t heard of any such departures, sad to say. On the other hand, PRESDT, 45 most literally hit the ground running – perhaps more so than any in my lifetime, except perhaps for PRESFDR, 32, (Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

That’s not too surprising, given his record of success in the international business world. He started with a kitty of a reported $1 million and raised it to several billion – yes with a ‘b.’ That fact alone indicated to me that he just might know how to manage large endeavors, and the U.S. Government is one of (if not the largest) in the history of the world. He, thankfully, seems to have no fear of the media at all levels, and also very little respect for the veracity of same. All of us would do well to share in that lack of respect for veracity the media has.

As an aside, former talk show host Neal Boortz so often said (as my best recollection), “Don’t believe anything you hear or see in any media, including here, unless you can confirm it with two other sources or more.” That is indeed extremely good advice, being avidly followed by myself. Despite efforts to be  accurate, in cases where the information is not from my personal experience and education, I am not always right, despite my legitimate claims to be so ‘because it’s my middle name.” (I must have some sense of humor to get through the situations around the world that existcontinuously.)

Despite the determined obstructionist activities of his opponents on both sides (in both houses of Congress), the first great, in my opinion, accomplishment of  his administration was the nomination and Senate confirmation of a “constitutional constructionist” justice on the Supreme Court to replace the late Judge Scalia. Now, as this is being written, it has been reported that the Senate has passed, with no Democrat votes, a tax bill late at night. It will now go to a joint House committee to work out the differences between it and the existing House bill. One  guest on the Pat Campbell radio show on December 4 claimed that the Senate bill is the better of the two. As has been written before, it would have been my preference to have had both houses earlier accept the FairTax as originally submitted by former Congressman John Linder, R-Georgia. But any change for the better is a start, at least for we who pay taxes. That proposed complete tax overhaul would allow the ending of the IRS to the benefit of all of us who must now file annual income tax returns. In my opinion the IRS is one of the most bloated, independent, politically biased and detrimental to the economy departments in the whole government.

There are numerous documented examples of the staff exerting pressure on businesses, groups and individuals to even end their business or political  efforts, sometimes with just threats of actions. The monstrous waste of time and money expended to just attempt to comply with the foot-high books of its rules and demands is beyond estimation given my limited resources. We can still hope, but it will take a massive effort on the population to sway the members of Congress.

It has been, all in all in my opinion, an encouraging year, from a  prosperity point of view, even from before the inauguration in January. It certainly would be even better if there weren’t so many dedicated to having the conditions remain the same and willing to go to any length to thwart the efforts of the one now in charge.

For my part, while being concerned that the judges on federal benches might exceed their authority to assist those in opposition to the turnaround, it is beyond my control  so will just see how things continue to work out.

Also, Happy New Year to all. May 2018 be even better than last!