I may not like Trump but I am voting for him

I don’t like Donald Trump.  I find him crude and abrasive.  As a Bible-believing Christian, I shudder when he colors his speeches with obscenities.  I don’t like his support of the 5-4 Supreme Court Kelo decision that allows wealthy fat cats to take private property from people for their own enrichment.  I hate it that Donald Trump accused George W. Bush of knowing beforehand about 911.

Furthermore, it bothers me that Mr. Trump changes marriage partners like he changes his socks.

But I’m voting for him.

Why, you ask?  It’s simple.  Of the remaining candidates, Donald John Trump is the best hope for Christians and all of America.  Wow!  You’ve got to be kidding me?  Right?  The grand family of the Republican Party, the Bushes, hate Trump.  That paragon of Christian virtue, Gov. John Kasich, refuses to even speak his name.  And according to Glenn Beck, Trump is the new Adolf Hitler or perhaps even the Antichrist!

But I’m voting for him.

Consider the alternatives.  Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate, is basically a communist.  Her platform, posted online, would bring smiles and nods of agreement from Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

The Libertarian Party’s candidate, Gary Johnson, is a bumbling social liberal who supports drugs, gay marriage and abortion on demand.

Then there’s Hillary Clinton, the latest in a long line of progressives claiming to represent the party of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.  Mrs. Clinton supports anything that will get her votes.  About the only things she staunchly opposes are traditional Christian values and the market economy.  But she claims to be a Christian. Her roots are in a mainstream Christian church. Although, we can never know her heart.  Nor should we ever judge her salvation, we can evaluate her actions regarding biblical values.

Of these three alternatives, only former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a real chance of becoming president. What are my complaints with the wife of Bill?

For one, Mrs. Clinton rejects the words of Jesus Christ, “…but at the beginning of creation God made them male and female” (Mark 10: 6; NIV). Instead of following the tenets of the Bible, Clinton goes along with the secular media and academic gurus and argues that each person, not God, decides their own gender.

Mrs. Clinton also supports and applauds homosexual and lesbian sexual behavior and the redefinition of marriage. Let’s keep in mind, she used to support the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law by her husband. She and her godless supporters glorify these deviant acts as perfectly natural and almost as innocent as Gidget slipping Moon Doggie a quick peck on the cheek during a cookout on the beach. Instead, we should compassionately reach out to these lost souls and show them the way of salvation through God’s mercy.

And of course, Clinton prostrates at the hoofs of the sacred cow of liberalism, abortion.  Recently, she argued that children in the womb have absolutely no right to life throughout the entire gestation period. That’s right, up to the actual birth of a child, according to her, you can dispose of it. In the vernacular, that means kill the baby. Again, no talk of helping these confused and, many times, depressed young women. There was absolutely no mention that abortion causes both psychological and medical problems for the woman having the abortion. In fact, one of her latest campaign proposals is to force Christian taxpayers to pay for the ongoing American holocaust.

Saying all this, I still don’t like Mr. Trump.  But, again, I will vote for him.

Donald Trump may be just what we need during these perilous times.  Besides being completely politically incorrect – which I like – he promises to nominate constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. Does anyone think that Hillary Clinton would nominate anyone for the highest court that did not toe the secular humanist line?  This alone gives my vote to Mr. Trump.

However, I believe a primary reason to vote for Trump is not that our nation will experience a great revival and turn to God, although I pray that would happen. Nor do I believe the economy will magically take off or that the tides will begin to recede – sorry, that was Obama. My hope and desire is that, at the least, we will begin the return to constitutional government. How will this happen? Especially, when according to many, Trump is a dictator in waiting (just listen to five minutes of any Glenn Beck broadcast).

That is exactly why we will begin the transition to constitutional government from the current powerful presidency where the executive, with pen and phone, writes, defines and carries out legislation. Under a Trump presidency, I do not believe Congress would allow him to bully them the way they have surrendered to President Obama. Not that a President Trump would not try.

Can you imagine Senators John McCain or Lindsey Graham or, for that matter, Ted Cruz, allowing Trump to get away with what President Obama routinely does, namely ignore the separation of powers?  No.

They and their conservative partners in the House of Representatives would ally with Democrats and stop the usurpation of power.  Furthermore, if Trump took his power grab to the Supreme Court, liberals like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer would suddenly realize the Constitution doesn’t give the president the power to make laws. Before long, Congress and not the president would be making the laws. Heck, they might even take back their authority under the constitution to declare war and protect the borders.

So, I am voting for Donald Trump not because I think he will solve all our problems but because I think he will unwittingly bring both the Democrats and Republicans together and bring about a more stable constitutional order.

In other words, although not in the way he envisioned, Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again.”