If You Want to Win, Don’t Run a Crook

The story is told that after the fall of the Soviet Union, many of America’s progressives and liberals were distraught.  They had always admired communism and envisioned themselves in high Soviet positions if they had been in that system.  They never saw or would admit that the system never worked.  They never saw the famines, poor workmanship or any of the warts.  To them, it was execution.  In the right hands, the system could have been better managed.

That is exactly where the Democrat party is today.  They have learned nothing from the recent election.  As Kimberly Strassel wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Donald Trump cleaned their clocks, despite his disorganization, controversies and lack of money.”  The Democrats again lost the Senate and House and most state legislatures and governorships.

“What Democrats should realize because everyone else does, is that voters rejected their policies and their governance.”

Coal miners said no to the Democrats, blue-collar union members said no, suburban mothers said no and over-regulated business owners said no.

Instead of learning the lesson, Democrats think November 8 was an accident.  Hillary blames James Comey, Barack blames tactics, Michael Dukakis blames the Electoral College and Rachel Maddow blames the two third-party candidates.

Senator Elizabeth Warren feels the Democrats lost because they didn’t go big enough. They didn’t spend enough or regulate enough.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to lead the Democrats again despite her record of three major House defeats. The party is even recommending installing Muslim and black radical Keith Ellison to run the DNC.  No Democrat leader of old even mentions the middle class, union members and their poorly public educated children.  Open borders and poor trade agreements are part of the new global order.  Donald Trump, in one of his first moves, just forced Ford Motor Company to rescind their decision to move a Lincoln car plant from Kentucky to Mexico.  No Democrat could do what he did in their last eight years.  He did it in 10 days.

The Democrat Party is bankrupt in ideas and concern about our citizens.  Such a stand does not bode well for the 10 Democrat senators running in two years from states such as Indiana, West Virginia, Montana and North Dakota, which were won by President-elect Trump.

Just days before Trump’s Ford Motor Company triumph, Robert Samuelson writing for the Washington Post said, “Trump isn’t pushing marginal changes.  He wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.”  Imagine that?  Like whatever Bill Clinton did is in our best interest?  No way.  And the Trans Pacific Partnership, too. Why is it in our best interest that Vietnam has full employment and we don’t?

Samuelson even doubts that the anemic economic growth numbers of less than 2 percent can be turned into more normal historic numbers of 4 percent.  He calls his article “Trump’s Mission Impossible.”

The Democrats are now left with no fresh faces.  They had hoped that Russ Feingold, Evan Bayh and Ted Strickland would return to the Senate, but they didn’t.

No one wins calling America’s middle class deplorable and irredeemable bigots.  The Democrat Party had invested heavily in the Clintons, who represented the worst of American habits.  There were scandals after scandals surrounding the Clintons in their quest for money and power.  Hillary Clinton is a serial liar who accomplished little.  Those who gave them millions of dollars have nothing to show for it.

As Garrison Keillor wrote, “We liberal elitists are now completely in the clear.  The government is completely in Republican hands.”  And that’s fine with me.  Democrats need to learn that if they want to win, don’t run a crook like Hillary again.