Illegal immigration’s impact on the so-called government shutdown

While preparing to begin writing this communication, Rush Limbaugh announced that the Democrat minority in the Senate had ended their obstructionist partial shutdown of the federal government and voted to go back to work to – initially – debate and vote on the necessary budget matters. While the untruthful and demagogic leaders of the minority (Democrat) party did everything they could think of to make us believe that the majority leaders and PRESDT were responsible, it did not work this time. Note: The Democrat Party is not being blamed for this. It is those in the leadership that have been trying to mislead and misinform we the citizens about the fault. So, it would appear that those in that part of the U.S. Government who would be considered “non-essential” will not have a paid vacation, but continue to, hopefully, earn their inflated salaries.

Frankly, it should not be too surprising that the outcome is different than in the 30 or so previous instances of government shut-down in past decades. Hopefully, we the people will remember just who did what next November when we go to vote on the entire 435 members of the House and one-third of the 100 senators. I, for one, am sick and tired of the continuing lies and other falsifications that have emanated from the Democrat Party leaders and their “Propaganda Ministry” called the “major media.”

Perhaps a few setbacks will convince them that the war for sanity is coming to a close and its time to come clean.

My understanding is that Senator Chuck Schumer, D-New York, refused to agree to a vote on the budget matter unless it included amnesty for the DACA illegal aliens. Estimates of those range from 800,000 to several million, mostly brought in as, supposedly, juveniles from deadly or starving nations, mostly south of our border. Reports from more than one source have pretty well shown that many of those were of adult age, some as old as 35. The problem is that some legislative rules say a bill must only involve one matter. Budget and immigration (invasion) are definitely not the same matters.

For those not aware of just why they would want to illegally bring in and keep here so many aliens, there is no question that it is to obtain additional Socialist-minded voters. Even now, it has been reported that there is a movement in California to register all those illegally there to vote. Just remember that each noncitizen; grave marker name; felon under sentence or under judicial declaration of mental incompetence who is allowed to vote just lowers the importance of our truly legal ballots. Is it happening already? Be assured that it has and does, from my own personal knowledge. Our supposition is that the leaders of the Democrat Party and those of the C/S persuasion are hoping to build a permanent class of poor people – an ignorant population that they can manipulate to guarantee them being in power for good.

And now, it has just been reported that the “dreamers” spokespersons have rejected the agreement that allowed the end of the partial government shut down. Dreamers are those brought here, unconstitutionally, and therefore illegally, supposedly as juveniles, but some are much older. Most were illiterate and are being educated at taxpayer expense, not to mention clothed, fed, and housed by the same source. Some have even been found to be executing crimes, including violence, but in the “sanctuary cities and counties,” and now State of California, they seem to be given a free pass.

The question now becomes what individuals can do to reverse this destruction of that republic known as the United States of America. There is no mistake that said destruction is just what the agenda has been and still is of those of the C/S movement. Those leading the movement intend to be the rulers in the changed nation and society, thus relegating the masses to the serfdom conditions suffered by the vast majority of the world population through all history. The first thing we must do is remember the adage, “I may not be able to do everything to improve things, but I may be able to do something.” Then we must be determined and willing to do whatever is within our financial, mental and physical abilities to reverse the present trend and return our republic to its former glory – or even better.

All that includes becoming informed of issues and personalities being decided in elections and not afraid to pass that information on to those less knowledgeable. Also to hold the feet to the fire of those in office or employment. No one will claim it to be easy, as they are well entrenched, but it can be done, and must be done for the well-being of the whole world.