Editorial: Increase playoff to eight teams

It’s time to expand the College Football Playoff to eight teams.

The system has been in place for three years and the Big 12 Conference has been shut out twice. The American Athletic Conference has never been represented.

There are five Power Conferences – The Big 12, the Big Ten, the Southeastern Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Pac-12 Conference.

Every year, the winners of those conferences should be invited to the playoff. But that means five teams are scrambling for four spots.

And the Big 12, which has only 10 teams, seems to always be on the short end of the stick.

If there was an eight-team playoff, they could choose the five Power Five Conference champions, a mid-major powerhouse (like Tulsa or Houston from the AAC) and two at-large teams. The at-large teams would let teams could include the second or even third place finishers in the best conference that season. This year it would have been the Big Ten.

An argument against this is that it would involve another round of games. Some teams would play up to 15 games a season and adding one more seems excessive to some. Others argue that once you go to eight teams, the arguments will shift from who should get the No. 4 slot to who should get the No. 8 invite. But that’s okay because every system has that problem.

The Bowl Championship System was flawed and the current playoff setup is much better. Expanding to eight teams makes sense and would be extremely popular.

Look at how March Madness has strengthened college basketball.