Insanity of passing the Real ID Act

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those that would give up liberty for a bit of security deserve neither.”

Doesn’t that accurately describe the dilemma Oklahoma is in with the implementation of Real ID?

That’s why our federalist Founding Fathers put the 10th Amendment into the Constitution. It was meant to prevent federal overreach and intervention into the states.

By introducing another unfunded federal mandate that violates privacy and our basic civil liberty protections, that’s exactly what Washington D.C., is doing.

I sympathize with the concerns of Oklahomans about being “strong armed” into not being able to board an airplane or enter a federal facility without a single national identity card.

After all, shouldn’t we be able to travel around the United States with a valid drivers license and U.S. passport for overseas travel?

It’s insane when you think about it – we vet our law-abiding citizens who enter federal facilitates but fight “tooth and nail” when vetting illegal immigration coming into our country.

Here are the facts.

National Based Security Identity Systems have never been effective at stopping terrorism – just ask Europe. Almost every terrorist cell that has been infiltrated since 9/11 has had an elaborate counterfeit operation.

Lets face it, ID theft is rampant in the United States and around the world. It gets even more difficult and creates a specific target-rich scenario when you implement a single national-identity card and database.

It’s not just another conspiracy theory either when basic privacy rights are  compromised because state IDs have biometric data interchange features such as facial recognition standards that allow for the collection, retention and use of that data.

It’s a reasonable concern and those who don’t take it seriously are just putting their own convenience over the greater good of our public – not to mention the administrative burdens and expenses it places on all Oklahomans.

When I see you in those long lines at the tag agency paying those higher fees, make sure to wave at me and remind me once again what Will Rogers said about the U.S. Congress who enacted this law. They reminded him of “what happens after a baby gets hold of a hammer.”

I’m sure you get the picture.