Insurance Commission offers help

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak is recognizing Elk City officials for their quick response and hard work after a tornado struck the town Tuesday. Commissioner Doak and staff from the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) met with storm survivors earlier this month.

“We’ve been talking with people who lost everything, and our goal is to try to help in any way we can,” Doak said. “The Elk City fire chief, police chief, city manager, mayor and county sheriff have shown tremendous strength. I want to thank them for their efforts. Recovering from a disaster is never easy, but with these people to help, we have faith this community will bounce back.”

The OID has set up a mobile office in Elk City and will be there throughout the recovery process. The office is at the clubhouse of the Elk City Golf and Country Club. Anti-Fraud investigators are going door-to-door speaking to homeowners about how to spot fraud and posting yard signs throughout the damaged area. Tornado victims with insurance questions are urged to call the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s Consumer Assistance hotline at 800-522-0071.