Editorial: Is Bush really a Republican?

State Rep. Carol Bush could be the most pro-abortion legislator in Oklahoma.

Bush, who is in her first session, is a Republican from Tulsa. She replaced former Rep. Ken Walker, who was unabashedly pro-life.

Bush has already tried to do damage to legislation designed to save lives. She joined Democrats in a House committee to try to stop a bill by Rep. George Faught, a champion for the rights of the unborn, from heading to the House floor for a vote. Thank goodness that Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze is chairman of that committee and with the help of the Speaker, the bill will advance to the floor.Bush not only voted to kill the bill but was trying to recruit other Republicans to vote no.

Why is she a Republican? She obviously disagrees with the GOP platform, which is markedly pro-life.

The answer is that she is a liberal who ran as a Republican because she knew a Democrat couldn’t win in that district.

The State GOP and the Tulsa County Republican Party should start right now to recruit a conservative Republican to challenge her in the primary in 2018. Bush needs to go,

And another disappointment is Rep. Mark Lawson, a Republican from Sapulpa. He voted in committee to kill Faught’s bill. He replaced former Rep. Mark McCullough, arguably one of the most pro-life lawmakers ever to serve in the House. Last week, Lawson did vote for a revised bill.

Lawson, who said he was “pro-life” in his campaign, said he initially voted no because he thought the bill would eventually be overturned. That is so weak. Any bill could be overturned by Oklahoma’s liberal Supreme Court.

Thanks to Republicans who are pro-abortion, it is tougher to save the lives of unborn babies in Oklahoma.