Letter to the editor: Is Gorsuch pro-life?

Judge Neil Gorsuch (had) his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court filibustered by Democrats for no good reason.  I cannot help but feel that  if Gorsuch were thought to be pro-abortion, this would not have happened.

Could all the speculation on what side Gorsuch is on,  please stop.  Can  Gorsuch just come out and say where he stands on the issue without worrying about ramifications?  If Gorsuch is a conservative judge, he will find the legalization of abortion to be unconstitutional.

The Declaration of Independence states that we have the right to life, given to us by God.  And since science has unquestionably revealed that life starts at conception, the unborn baby has the right to life and  cannot be discriminated against.

There is a pro-life leader, whose name escapes me, who said the unborn are discriminated against because of size and location, and how true this is.  Because a baby is small and out of sight, this mean it does not have the right to life?  This is a great pro-life argument that I hope Gorsuch would clearly state and then we wouldn’t have to surmise which side he is  on, although I do believe he is pro-life.

And could not Gorsuch have stated, if pressed on the issue, that the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion said that if ever it’s discovered when human life starts, then this decision would have to be  revisited.  Guess what?  Science has unquestionably confirmed life starts at conception so it’s time to revisit this and remove it.