Editorial: Is Tulsa becoming a sanctuary city?

Is Tulsa a sanctuary city?

Most Tulsans would say no. The majority of citizens support legal immigration but want the deportation of illegal aliens, especially those who commit crimes while being in this country illegally.

A third of the cars in Oklahoma don’t have liability insurance and at least a portion of those are in this country illegally. Illegal drug traffic has been tied to illegal aliens and so has human trafficking.

While it is true that some aliens come here to get a better life and they work very hard, America must protect its borders. The United States accepts more legal immigrants annuals than the rest of the world combined but the key aspect is legality.

America cannot afford to take in every person in the world who wants a better life. That would overwhelm our resources and destroy our culture.

Legal immigrants built this country. There have been periods in our history when we stopped all immigration to allow those already here to assimilate.

The word in Tulsa government now is that leaders are looking for ways to slowly turn into a sanctuary city – a place where police ignore federal law and release illegal aliens without regard to their lack of citizenship.

This is a liberal policy that is rejected by average Tulsans but apparently being embraced by the ruling elite.

While President Trump is trying to clean up our illegal alien mess, behind the scenes, Tulsa may be working to make it worse in our city.