It sure looks like President Trump is doing a lot of for the country

Here we go again.  Once more it is the beginning of another year and it seems that, as the saying goes, “the more things change the more they stay the same.”   We still are assailed each day with “mean-mouthed” pontifications and postulations by those of the Communist/Socialist persuasion against every and all things proposed by PRESDT or members of the majority in Congress.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue or stance is – they’ are against it and will say or do anything to attempt to block the proposal.  And it doesn’t matter whether the action to block is immoral, illegal or non-sociable – the end justifies the means.

And for PRESDT, the “beat goes on.”  He just keeps up the pressure on both sides of the aisle, realizing that there are, unfortunately, RINOs who oppose him to the point of pure personal hatred.  Given the massive and loud noise coming from his opposition, including the vast majority of the major media who claim to be “journalists” (and here in name only – they could be labeled with acronym JINO).

Despite all that, the record of the last 11 months, since his inauguration, continues to build.  He is one who simply seems to not accept that something can’t be done and he pursues the chosen goal.

And it must be admitted that most, if not all, of his goals can be accepted as being better for the United States and most, if not all, of the population – citizens and legal aliens. As well, in my opinion, his goals are good for the majority of the world population, if not the rulers of other countries.

Frankly, the record of favorable accomplishments is so large (and increasing almost daily), that even a simple one-sentence list would exceed the space allotted for this column.  As a result, it is my opinion that, barring a major natural or foreign operation disaster, the outlook for the year 2018 is optimistic and boosts my own energy and aspirations.  Hopefully circumstances will allow me to continue recounting what has happened, is happening, and may very well happen.

It falls on me to, in all honesty, admit that PRESDT was not my first choice.  But as things went along and as his campaign energy and crowd turnouts continued, it became logical to me that he would be the one with the best chance to win it all.  And that included, from personal experience and knowledge, a conviction that we would face in the 2016 election the usual ongoing major fraudulent voting.

This knowledge dated clear back to the reports of the very first political election of Lyndon Baines Johnson, D-Texas, where more than one confirmed report surfaced that there were several delayed reports from precincts which suddenly found several hundred ballots that had not been counted.   And that, as well as other schemes, since has surfaced, both in my personal observation and reports from sources deemed reliable.

Perhaps PRESDT’s life spent building a massive business empire has prepared him to deal with the extreme size of the existing federal bureaucracy and hopefully bring it under control by those elected to manage and reduce the size of this monstrosity – to our benefit, both financially and socially.  Actually it has occurred to me that he may be conducting the business of being president the way he is to just enjoy the uproar of his haters and others in order to ultimately shows them up for what they are.  If that is the case, it strikes me that he may be succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.

While some of his actions may even disturb us, they will be well worthwhile if in doing so he is able to so distract others from their original goal of the destruction of the United States as it was founded.  It would be a disaster for the population of the world if that should occur, for then those elsewhere would have nowhere to turn to obtain relief from the despotism under which the majority of the population is living and has endured for thousands of years.

Within the first 50 years after 1776, the oppressed of the world began to look to United States for possible freedom.  Many were willing to give their very lives in order to arrive here and be a part of the freedom and self-improvement possibilities we tend to take for granted.

All in all, it appears that we may be turning the corner to straighten out the mess that has been fostered on us by decades of mismanagement.

With all that in mind, it seems appropriate to, with confidence, wish everyone a Happy, Joyful, and Prosperous New Year, 2018.  GOD Bless All.