It’s not the ‘Democratic’ Party, you should call it the Democrat Party

It never ceases to anger me when politicians and media personalities – so often and continually – refer to the United States as “our democracy” and the name of the political party now captured by officials with a C/S (Communist/Socialist) persuasion as the “Democratic Party.”

Before you come unglued by this statement, it should be reminded that the very last thing the founders of the United States wanted was a democracy, and for very persuasive reasons.

No, the United States was founded as a “representative republic.” Evidence of this lies

originally in the Senate being made up of representatives elected by each state government to represent that state government. Thus the term “states’ rights.” That part ended with the ratification of Amendment XVII (17) on April 8, 1913, during the administration of Woodrow D. Wilson, and it changed the selection of senators to popular vote of the people. The House member selection remains by a vote of the people in the respective House districts.

Unfortunately, in some states, including Oklahoma and, it seems, Georgia, there is no requirement that the candidates actually reside within the boundaries of the House district.

As a result, I consider it to be the equivalent of propaganda for the word democracy to be used as a description of the government of the United States. After all, it has long been accepted that the definition of a true democracy is a lynch mob, where the minority (of one) has no right or say in the outcome. In a republic form of government, the principle is that the rights of those in the minority are protected by law. Thus we have the first ten amendments to the Constitution, without which the Constitution itself would not have received sufficient states’ ratification to be accepted.

Along that same line of reasoning is the continual use of the word “democratic” as the name of the oldest political party active today in place of the actual, original and Congressionally recorded name “Democrat.” This gross error is not limited to those with a “D” behind their name, but many in other groups, including those with an “R.” To be fair, some, if not most, of this can be attributed to simple ignorance because of the long deliberate use as propaganda.

My first encounter of this situation came during the 1990s when my former Republican county chairman told me that when she was at a voter registration desk outside of a Walmart store and a Democrat woman and a prospective registrant was asked whether she wanted to be registered in the Democratic or Republican party, in their ignorance most often replied, “Oh yes, I want to be democratic!”

Actually, neither party leadership now follows the original founding principles laid down.

There has been a long-time aggressive move by those of the C/S world movement to infiltrate and take over the operation of both parties. They seem to have gained major success in the Democrat Party and continue to make inroads into the Republican Party. These people have a great deal of patience and are willing to take whatever they can get in small increments and then press for more until reaching their goal of a Socialist or completely Communist dictatorship with control over every small facet of the population’s individual personal lives. Their success would end up with miserable lifestyles for the vast majority of us and royal lifestyles for the rulers, such as now in North Korea.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” is still true and it appears that the Tea Party movement people are, for the most part, taking the relaxation and basking in the glow of having achieved an apparent reversal in the make-up of the orientation in Washington. All this while, it appears, leaving relatively intact and healthy an alarming trend in reverse at the local – that is county, city, and school board – level. A few activists cannot turn the tide without major cooperation in order to return the United States and states to freedom and thus prosperity