James Lankford helps make changes in Washington, D.C.

U.S. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, has to be one of the busiest lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

Lankford serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and others.

That’s a lot to say grace over.

The Appropriations Committee is critical now that Donald Trump is president and conservatives have a chance to correct the out-of-control federal spending and mounting deficits.

The Homeland Security Committee is especially important because of the threat of terrorism from the Middle East and radical Islam.

And the Select Committee on Intelligence is vital for oversight of the liberals left over from the Obama regime who are trying undermine Trump and everyone else in his administration plus Republicans in Congress

Lankford is proving to be a voice of reason and an effective spokesman for conservative Americans.

Talk show hosts on Fox News, CNN and even MSNBC invite him on their shows. He is being quoted in Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, The Daily Signal, The Hill, The Oklahoman, The Washington Post (liberal), The Washington Times (conservative) and others.

Even so, he is working feverishly on sponsoring some important legislation, including:

  • A bill to force bureaucrats to make decisions based on genuine science.
  • A bill to require agencies to include a concise 100-word plain-language summary to every proposed rule.
  • A bill to require agencies to publish advance notice of major new rules.
  • A bill to protect the choice of employees in relation to union membership.
  • An independent audit of the Indian Health Care Service Act of 2017.
  • The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017
  • Reform of the Social Security Act to keep drug sponsors under Medicare from retroactively reducing payments.
  • Preservation of the right to bear arms by members of the Armed Forces.
  • Repeal of obsolete laws concerning Indians.
  • A bill to let states decide how to develop federal lands for energy production.
  • A bill to let states control fracking.
  • A bill mandating an annual report on how taxpayer funds are spent.
  • A bill to safeguard discrimination against health care workers who refuse to assist in abortions.
  • A bill to stop federal funding of Planned Parenthood.
  • A bill to let charitable organizations make political statements without losing a tax-exempt status.
  • A bill to prohibit taxpayer funded abortions.

Those are just a few of the issues Lankford is taking a leadership role in.

Lankford is a champion in the race to repeal Obamacare, favoring choice over government mandates.

Lankford supports efforts by Trump to protect our safety with travel bans from nations that don’t or can’t properly vet travelers to the United States.

Lankford will vote for Supreme Court Justice Nominee Neil Gorsuch. He supports Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her vision for the nation. Lankford attended the confirmation hearings for former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who is now chief administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency.

By the way, it looks as though Pruitt is getting ready to clean house at the EPA and force that out-of-control agency back to within its constitutional boundaries.

A lot of conservative, Christian voters were unsure that anyone could match the achievements of former Sen. Tom Coburn, who was replaced by Lankford after Coburn resigned with two years left on his second term.

Coburn was dubbed “Dr. No” but he calls himself “Dr. Know” because of his determination to shine light on government and to expose massive wasteful spending on the federal level.

Coburn published an annual report that routinely embarrassed senators – Democrats and Republicans – who unashamedly rammed through pork barrel projects (remember the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska?).

Well, Lankford has accepted that challenge and now annually releases his “Federal Fumbles” report on government waste.

It not only chronicles wasteful government spending but also shows how regulatory overreach by unelected bureaucrats is a drag on our economy. Don’t you know that hundreds of agency bureaucrats would love to see these reports disappear?

Sen. Lankford is a rock solid Christian and that is evident in his legislative work and his many appearances in the media. He formerly was the director of student ministry at the Baptist Convention of Oklahoma and director of Falls Creek Youth Camp – the largest youth camp in the United States.

We are now in an era in Washington, D.C., when the liberal media constantly bashes President Trump. He can do no good in their eyes and the persecution is so intense and vitriolic that even hard-core progressives are getting sick of it. Americans sent a message to the federal government by electing Donald Trump. They want a return to common sense and conservative values and a roll back of the progressivism of Barack Obama.

Sen. Lankford understands that and Oklahoma should be proud to have a champion like him representing us in the U.S. Senate.