Letter to the editor: Jenner is not a woman

Bruce Jenner is a 67-year-old, 6-2 man and a former (1976) Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.  But Bruce Jenner announced in April 2015 that he is a transwoman.

In an April 2015 interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce said he had dealt with gender dysphoria since a youth and that for all intents and purposes, “I’m a woman.”  He changed his name to Caitlyn Marie Jenner, and has now undergone cosmetic surgery and completed sex reassignment surgery.

On April 21, 2017, Caitlyn, the former Bruce, told ABC News that “she” has never been sexually attracted to men, but has always been sexually attracted to women.

But, the facts are: Bruce Jenner is the biological father of six children from marriages to three wives – Chrystie Crownover, Linda Thompson, and Kris Kardashian.  So how can Bruce Jenner now says he’s a woman?

In today’s world, when it comes to climate change, we are told, “Man is the cause of climate change – and we must accept science.”  But when it comes to gender identity, we are told, “Ignore biological and physical science, and ignore what you see.  Instead, you must accept whatever identity perception a person might have of themselves.”

In other words, do not pay any attention to the facts, the physical evidence, and God’s Word that says otherwise.

This has become a very dangerous, upside-down world, when people begin to believe that “truth” is whatever they perceive it to be.  May God have mercy on all of us.