Editorial: Jesus Christ is our Source of hope in times of persecution

Christianity is under assault in America and around the world. Coptic Christians are being slaughtered for their faith in the Middle East and Indonesia.

Christian college students are being taught that the Bible is archaic and useless. They are being indoctrinated into a mindset of secular humanism.

Christians who point out the Bible’s teaching on marriage are “homophobes.” Christians who speak against the ultra-liberal policies of President Obama are “racists.” Christians who understand that Jesus taught that He is the only path to Heaven are called “bigots.”

The liberal news media wants to paint of picture of tolerance that includes any issue – until it clashes with the politically correct version. Anyone who takes the Bible literally or believes in the traditional values that shaped America for the past 240 years is criticized and ignored by the liberal newspapers and TV stations.

But there is hope.

We have a new president preparing to take office. Some of the biggest newspapers have actually apologized for their overt support for Hillary Clinton and unending criticism of President-elect Donald Trump.

But the real hope lies in the Baby in the manger. Jesus Christ is the Savior for mankind. Jesus offers not only eternal life in Heaven but a wonderful relationship with God in this life.

Following Jesus is well worth the chance of persecution.