Letter to the editor: Joe Newhouse is the true conservative

On August 23, Republicans of State Senate District 25 will once go again to the polls to pick their candidate for the November general election.

I unsuccessfully ran for this seat, but did come to learn that significant differences exist between the two remaining candidates.  One candidate in my opinion is a true conservative. The other candidate says they are, but their positions do not support that claim.

One candidate is pro-life, the other takes a weak position on life.

One candidate supports low taxes and will fight against tax increases, the other publicly states they will consider raising taxes.

One candidate will work to bring meaningful reform to our public schools and is not in the pocket of the public school special interest groups.

One candidate is a lifelong republican, the other just recently changed parties.

I am asking those Republicans who voted for me; join me in casting a vote for the true conservative, vote for Joe Newhouse.