Jonah: The Musical DVD

On October 17, the filmed version of Jonah: The Musical!, by Sight & Sound Theatres, will be released on DVD and digital platforms for home entertainment.

“When it opened in 600-plus movie theaters last May, Jonah: The Musical! blew open a new chapter for us,” Sight & Sound CEO Matt Neff said.  “Now it can travel with anyone almost anywhere – on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other digital platforms.”

Filmed live at Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jonah: The Musical!  brings to life the journey of a lovable yet stubborn prophet.

When God calls Jonah to offer mercy and forgiveness to the people of Nineveh, Jonah runs straight in the opposite direction. After that, one bad choice leads to another, and soon Jonah’s “getaway” ship is on the verge of destruction in a terrible storm. To save themselves, the ship’s crew tosses Jonah overboard and into the waiting mouth of one giant fish. But as Jonah discovers, God will offer anyone another chance—Ninevites as well as runaway prophets.

The original live stage show of Jonah debuted in 2012 at Sight & Sound’s theater in Lancaster, then traveled to its Branson, Missouri, theater for the 2014-15 season. An encore season in Pennsylvania runs this year through Oct. 14.

“Sight & Sound uses unique and creative storytelling to engage as many people as possible in the Bible,” Josh Enck, executive producer of Jonah and chief creative officer of Sight & Sound, said. “With this filmed version of Jonah, the Sight & Sound experience extends to a whole new audience.”