Letter to the editor: Keep guns from criminals, not citizens

Black lives matter, cops lives matter, unborn lives matter.  Let’s face it, all lives matter.

The methods of taking lives vary.  Guns seem to get the most attention.  Recently, knives, machetes, heat inside automobiles, choking, beating and the abortion table have made national news as methods of taking lives.

Let’s think deeply about the guns.

For many  years, I have traveled into Mexico with mission work groups to work on schools, churches, medical facilities, orphanages and other projects to help our wonderful neighbors to the south.  Crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico, we see warnings against having a gun.  The warnings declare prison time for anyone having a gun.  Missionaries familiar with Mexican gun laws warn us that having one bullet will land you in jail.  While at the same time drug runners, hijackers, kidnappers and many of those crossing the border illegally are well armed and anxious to show their dominance.

This is typical behavior in gun-free zones.

The unlawful and illegal people do not care what a piece of paper has written on it.

I hope that my behavior will show my children and grandchildren that I am a law-abiding citizen but I will not respect a gun-control law unless it has an enforcement clause insuring me that the law will keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

To date, there is not an enforcement policy for gun control that will keep weapons out of the hands of people who do not care what is written on a piece of paper.  It is evident that laws which cannot be enforced harm only the people who respect and obey the law.  Therefore, I call on all elected officials to refuse to support any further gun legislation until there is an enforcement policy that is enforceable in dealing with the unlawful.