Keeping His Word

We recall the immortal lines from the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Those who came to America’s shores did so legally.  Today there is no pretense of coming legally.  President Obama opened the borders to waves of illegals who came from places where American armed forces are struggling, fighting and dying today.

President Trump, true to his word, on January 27 issued an executive order banning refugees entering the  United States with particular focus on Muslim countries in the Middle East that have wreaked havoc throughout Europe with their terrorism.  Most of those coming to Europe have no intention to assimilate into their new countries as those immigrants did in the 1880s and early 1900s.

As the New York Times reported, the president’s action put an indefinite halt to citizens of Syria entering the United States.  It suspended immigration for 90 days from countries linked to terrorism that the State Department said would mean seven Muslim majority countries:  Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.  It also suspended the nation’s program for admitting refugees from anywhere in the world for 120 days while the government comes up with a stricter process for vetting them, but allowed for exceptions for persecuted religious minorities.

While President Obama ignored Syria, ISIS was allowed to prosper and expand.  PFC Bradley Manning’s release of 650,000 classified documents allowed ISIS to hunt down and kill thousands of Christians who opposed them.  Many were killed in cruel and inhuman ways.  President Obama later commuted Manning’s prison sentence.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “President Trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know who is entering our country.”

America’s Left came out with its views of cruelty and prejudice.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame wrote that the nation should “keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help.” The hypocrisy of his words is the United States should allow open borders.  He himself is building a huge wall around his Hawaii estate to keep others out.  It is always fine for Democrats to protect themselves, but not for the average American.

Nicolas Kristof in his column points out that the New York Times was not so generous in opposing xenophobic and fearmongering.  In 1875, the Times warned that too many Irish and German immigrants could “deprive Americans by birth and descent of the small share they yet retain” in New York City.  In 1941, the Times warned that European Jews desperate to leave Europe might be Nazi spies.  In 1942, as Japanese – Americans were being interned, the Times wrote cheerfully that the detainees were happily undertaking an “adventure.”

We need to remember that it was California Governor Earl Warren, a future Supreme Court Chief Justice, and the sainted President Franklin Roosevelt who illegally imprisoned the Japanese – Americans.

Mr. Kristof writes about his father coming to America in 1952.  His father who was named Wladyslaw Krzysztofowicz was sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Portland, Oregon.  Mr. Krzystofowkicz later changed his name to Kristof, because of his desire to make it more American as he fit in.  His story is so much different than those who flood in illegally and have no intention to fit in or assimilate.

Mr. Trump is doing something.  He is keeping his promise to the American people and the people admire his brand of populism.