Editorial: Keystone Chevy and homosexuality

Add Keystone Chevrolet to the Tulsa businesses promoting homosexuality.

Keystone Chevrolet is a “proud sponsor” of the June 7 2015 Tulsa Rainbow Run. The dealership has ponied up $1,000-2,500 to affiliate with racing homosexuals.

Keystone Chevrolet wants Tulsans to “find new roads.” Apparently, that includes men with men and women with women.

AtoZ Medical is also a big sponsor. According to its website, they treat sleep apnea. Maybe they should add treatment of social diseases to go along with their apparent company philosophy of supporting homosexuality.

The goal of the homosexual agenda is to force normal Americans to accept a perverted lifestyle. Part of that is to destroy the concept of traditional marriage through judicial activism and a false campaign for “equal rights.”

Another effort is to mimic normal community events – like a run – and to strong arm public support. Notice that “gay pride” parades are no longer called that and that they have discouraged outlandish costumes and behavior by transvestites/crossdressers to put forward a “mainstream, family oriented” image.

Keystone Chevrolet has every right to spend the profits it earns from normal Tulsans to promote homosexuality. But local consumers also have the right to not patronize car dealerships that so blatantly thumb their noses at the moral values that this country was built on.

Maybe the answer is to buy from Jim Glover Chevrolet or Danny Beck Chevrolet – two of several local Chevy dealerships that stand for goodness and don’t spend their profits to promote unacceptable lifestyles.

If Bible-believing Christians in Tulsa would reinforce their values with their pocketbooks, maybe some of these events could be canceled due to lack of sponsorship.