Kook parade at the Capitol

January 9, 2014

State Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze spent thousands of dollars in 2009 to place a monument to the Ten Commandments at our State Capitol.

The U.S. Supreme Court has deemed that this was perfectly legal because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion and expression.

Now, evil forces in our culture want to attack the placement of this monument because they want to erase every evidence of Christianity from the public arena.

Satanist from New York want a monument to Satan. Hindus was a statue of one of their multitude gods and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want a banner telling people not to eat meat.

This is nonsense. The vast majority of Oklahomans do not worship Satan, are not Hindus and they eat meat.

This is how political correctness is screwing up America and our judicial system.

Radical minority views (Satanism, Hinduism and vegetarianism) by definition are not popular with most people. They can’t win elections in a free society.

So the strategy is to find liberal judges and impose the will of the minority on the Christian majority through judicial mandates.

They don’t want a statue of Satan – they want to get rid of the Ten Commandments. Those commandments form the basis for the Judeo-Christian legal system. Do Oklahomans want to adopt Hindu legal values? Absolutely not.

Look for more kooks to join this parade. Elected officials will not cooperate but look for state judges – appointed by liberals like Brad Henry – to make the wrong decisions in this case.