Editorial: Kudos to the Catholic Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Tulsa said enough is enough and resigned its  membership in the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice because that leftist group helped with the recent “gay pride parade” in Tulsa.


While liberal individuals, businesses, organizations and news media (the liberal Tulsa World had a lesbian editor and her “spouse – a former Tulsa World editor) stood in line to support homosexuals marching in drag Downtown, the local leaders of the Catholic Church said they want no part of it.

They did not condemn people caught up in homosexuality but they didn’t pull any punches when it comes to the sin of homosexuality.

The Rev. Msgr. Patrick Gaalaas wrote a letter to OCCJ President and Chief Executive Officer Jayme Cox and Board of Directors Chairman Russ Florence and said:

“To march in such a parade seems to us to be a deliberate and full-throttled expression of support for the so-called gay agenda, a central component of which is same-sex marriage. Unless a clear statement can be made by OCCJ that its participation does not imply support for same-sex marriage or be seen to condone sexual acts outside of marriage, we have no option but to withdraw from membership.”

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

How long will normal Americans endure the social onslaught of the Homosexual Agenda?

The hedonists at OCCJ and other homosexual groups talk about “human rights, bullying, suicide prevention, blah, blah, blah…” What they really want is to force Americans – especially Bible believing Christians – to not just accept homosexuality but to embrace it, even at its deepest, darkest levels.

Tulsa should be ashamed to have a “gay pride parade” and to lift up these people. It is a destructive, sinful lifestyle full of deceit, despair and disease.

Thank God the Catholic Church in Tulsa has taken a stand for what is right.