Lack of knowledge of the Bible is creating a poor witness

I just read a very disparaging article that appeared on the Huffington Post by columnist and author Jenny Block.

Block’s article assigns the blame for Josh Duggar’s sexual behavior on his upbringing by Christian parents who taught him that his “natural, healthy feelings he was having about sexuality were wrong,” that “telling an adolescent that they are to bottle up all of their healthy, happy sexual feelings because they are ‘bad’ and ‘wrong.’  It’s sick.  It’s dangerous…”

Block begins her article, entitled “Here’s Why it Makes Perfect Sense that Josh Duggar Cheated” by saying, “Can we please stop acting as if conservative, right-wing ‘Christians’ make any sense or are even ‘good’ people?”

Block wrote, “The Duggars are creating monsters.”  By extension, of course, that means that Christians are creating monsters.

The truth is that Josh Duggar acted against his Christian upbringing, not because of it, and the very act that he committed – which she herself calls cheating and condemns – is what she proposes at the conclusion of her article, writing, “there is nothing wrong with sex outside of marriage…”

I would encourage you to read the entire article, because it is so telling about not only the growing animosity toward Christians, but the ignorance of what Christianity really is.  I would not encourage you to spend much time reading the Huffington Post, because this particular article is enough of a sample of what it routinely posts online.

Having said that, Block’s article begs the question about why people in America are so ignorant about Christianity.  Block clearly zeroed in on one thing and that is hypocrisy.  And though she did not specifically call it hypocrisy, it is obvious that she is disgusted by it.

Well, as famed motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to say, “Nobody likes a phony – even another phony.”

Block wrote, “Can we please stop pretending that religion can somehow alter human nature?  Humans are animals…”

God did not create us to be animals; He clearly gave us something more than He gave animals.  It is a mistake to believe that children will turn out to be great Christians just because their parents are, because God gave us all the same things – free will and a soul.  We are not just physical beings, we are spiritual beings.  Animals are incapable of sin.  People are.  I once heard that sin is anything good taken beyond what God intended it to be.

I will admit that Block’s misconception of Christians and of conservatives is somewhat understandable, especially to someone who doesn’t know what Christianity is or how real Christians live. And I would have to say that it is increasingly because Christians and their churches have drifted away from knowing who God is, and as a result have stopped providing the example of what Christianity really is.

Part of this is because the culture of Americans has changed over the past few decades.  Among many things, our attention spans are shorter and this has led the leadership of many American churches to conclude that we simply aren’t willing to be taught. That the best we can get out of the American Christian is an hour per week and that hour needs to be entertaining, not life-changing.

When we stopped learning about God, then we stopped learning who He is, so it is no wonder that there are so many Christians that live sinful lives.  You can’t respect or understand someone you don’t know, and to boil God down to a set of rules that are meant to spoil our fun does ourselves and God a great disservice.

Yet for many denominations, human wisdom – such as Block’s – is being accepted as superior to the wisdom that God offers to us, and the reason is because they simply don’t know any better.  They stopped learning long ago, or even worse, they never had the education they need to learn who He is in the first place.

As for Block’s assertion that religion can’t alter human nature?  I agree.  However, real Christianity isn’t a religion, it is a relationship with God.  That, in large part, is what Block doesn’t understand, and it may well be that it is because she has seen people who call themselves Christian behaving as if they weren’t.

It is time for Christians – and their churches – to open their Bibles and begin learning more about the most fascinating and loving Being that has ever existed.  He can change anyone for the better – even Jenny Block.  Even our society.