Editorial: Last-minute damage by Obama

Releasing hardened criminals from prison should be a big part of the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama set a record by freeing 1,715 criminals – more than any other president in U.S. history.

He did this as a statement concerning America. Obama does not believe that America is just and that the United States is bigoted in jailing black Americans.

In his last act as president, he cut the sentences of 330 federal inmates to cut down on “systematic injustice.”

Never mind that these federal felons are a menace to society.

In his eight years, Obama released 568 inmates serving life sentences. He said they deserved a “second chance.”

Some people do deserve a second chance. But that is why we have pardon and parole boards. Some are released because they have been rehabilitated. Others because new evidence comes to light.

Obama released a record number because he believes that they were imprisoned because of race.

A president has the right to offer clemency. Obama’s actions were perfectly legal. But that power should be used judicially and not to make a political statement, which is what he was trying to do.

Obama disagrees with federal and state laws against illegal drugs. Deep down, he doesn’t think anyone should go to jail for a drug offense. If politically possible, he would have commuted the sentences of 10,000 inmates.

Imagine the impact that would have had on America.

And of course, the liberal media will be running story after story about how these hundreds of freed inmates were unjustly convicted. They will tell heart-wrenching tales of families being reunited. They will not write about the future crimes these criminals will undoubtedly commit.

Obama did eight years of damage to America. Thanks to his commutations, law and order took a step backwards.