Leadership Essays

U.S. Rep Jim Bridenstine
U.S. House of Representatives District 1

The American people delivered the Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives to Republicans in 2016. It would be incorrect, however, to interpret this statement as broad support for one political party over another. This was clearly a rejection of “business as usual” in Washington, D.C., and the mandate to change course now lies squarely in Republican hands. Here are the priorities I hope to see Republicans focus on in the 115th Congress:

– Repeal of Obamacare: This popular campaign promise has never been followed by real action. We can dismantle this law and unwind the devastating economic and social impact it has had if we act with political courage.

– Regulatory Reform: Unnecessary and burdensome regulations are handcuffing our economy. While President-elect Trump can unwind many of these from the Executive Branch, Congress must codify into law safeguards that will prevent similar regulations from being enacted in the future.

– Rebuilding our Military: Sequestration has left our military forces without the strategic depth, training, and equipment necessary to provide for our national security. We must unwind the sequester and return to a position of promoting “peace through strength.”

– Reforming the Tax Code: Our tax code is too complicated and too easy for politicians to manipulate. Each year Americans spend billions of dollars and millions of hours just to be in compliance. This must change. I am a supporter of eliminating the IRS and replacing it with the Fair Tax, but am open to alternatives that will bring down rates, broaden the base, and provide for a simpler system.

I want to thank each of you for the honor of representing you in Washington D.C., and I pray that God richly blesses you in 2017.

Commissioner John Doak
Oklahoma Insurance Department

Oklahomans are resilient and I love the way we join together in the face of adversity.

In 2016, we faced an evolving threat from earthquakes. Although fewer in number, they grew in intensity. We suggest every homeowners look into earthquake insurance and we continue to work with insurance carriers to make sure of equitable treatment.

With a new administration in Washington, D.C., we have hope to fix the health insurance nightmare caused by Obamacare. Oklahomans are shocked at the rise in the cost of premiums and soaring deductibles.

We can do much better.

Education is the key to understanding your insurance coverage.

We at the Oklahoma Insurance Commission work to keep Oklahomans informed on how to gain access to insurance, especially when the government is involved.

All kinds of insurance are becoming more and more complicated and expensive. We travel the entire state to help.

With the international glut of oil and natural gas, Oklahoma will have another challenging budget shortfall in 2017. Ever since I took office, we have worked to cut costs and make our department more efficient. Those efforts have paid off in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our hope for Oklahoma in 2017 is for health, strong economic growth and a brighter future for the next generation.

Contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department at 1-800-522-0071 for help with insurance needs.

Ken Yazel
Tulsa County Assessor

It is difficult to view what 2017 might bring without taking into account the 2016 presidential election. There have also been profound political changes across the county, and the Republican Party has increased numbers in the Oklahoma House and Senate. What the result of all this will be is hard to tell, but there is no question that there will be change. I believe it will be to the betterment of our citizens.

One of the characteristics of my office is that no matter what happens in the political arena, we are still charged with valuing property every year following the same prescribed, 12-month schedule. While the schedule may seem routine, the work that goes into it is complex and of a professional nature. It can only be performed by trained and skillful employees, which my office and the citizens are very fortunate to have. As a result of their efforts, the Tulsa County Assessor recently received a perfect score of 275 on the State Board of Equalization Performance Audit for the second year in a row. The audit tests several different aspects of our operation, but at its core it is testing whether the assessor is properly placing accurate and equitable values on real and personal property. That is essentially my job, and I am very proud of these results. I have always believed that better-informed taxpayers make better decisions. That is why my office maintains a very active community outreach program. We set up satellite offices in January and February, we man booths at trade shows and fairs, we speak to homeowners associations and professional groups, and our website gives access to property records and answers to most questions a homeowner might ask. And, of course, we have a capable and knowledgeable staff to assist taxpayers in our office, on the phone, or by email.

As we enter a new year, I am optimistic about what the future has in store. In addition, I remain committed to doing the best job possible and will continue my commitment to the improvement of my staff, our systems, and our service capabilities for the benefit of Tulsa County Taxpayers.

Steve Kunzweiler
Tulsa County District Attorney

At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst. Aristotle

In the District Attorney’s office we often see the wisdom in Aristotle’s words. Some days it is hard to imagine what humans are capable of doing to other humans.

Prosecutors see the aftermath of murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, child abuse and other violent crimes. Victims come to us broken and traumatized and we work to help them regain human dignity by finding truth and seeking justice.

Our duty to seek justice is to the community as a whole as well.

Truth has Power. A Prosecutor has Power. But Lady Justice holds scales as well as a sword. I recognize as prosecutors we have an obligation to use power with wisdom — to “do the right thing” always, no matter the cost, in the name of the Law and the Constitution.

This past year has been full of cases and victims that deserve justice. Every day, we make decisions that on the surface, seem daunting. Following simple principles of finding truth, helps bring clarity in order to do what is right, not what is easy.

In the new year, I will continue to strive to do my duty as a minister of justice to find the truth and uphold it, wherever found, against the wrong.

Pastor Bruce Delay
Heartland Church

One rationale for voting for a morally imperfect Donald Trump, was the prospect of conservative Supreme Court Justices and Cabinet members. If Trump’s Cabinet picks are any indication so far, then we should have high hopes for similar SCOTUS selections.

One of the most recent Cabinet picks is Mike Pompeo for CIA Director. Pompeo, a U.S. Congressman from Kansas, graduated first in his class at West Point. His military career included patrolling the Berlin Wall before it came down, and serving in the Gulf War. He is a TEA Party member and a strong Pro Life advocate. He understands the Islamic threat, and has been called an “Islamophobe” by CAIR. (That fact alone speaks volumes!)

As an Evangelical Christian, Pompeo was quoted at a God & Country Rally in 2014 as saying: “Jesus Christ our Savior is truly the only solution for our world.” Now he is poised to become CIA Director.

As a Christian leader myself, I have held similar God & Country rallies around the country for the last 15 years. I have used the exact same words as the Theme for those events – from Arizona to Texas to Oklahoma, not to mention innumerable Radio broadcasts and Sunday Messages from my home pulpit in Tulsa.

My point is this: If we cannot recognize God’s hand at work at this point in history, then we are so religious that we’ve become spiritually blind. Millions of Christians have been praying for America for a long time. It’s time to humbly give God thanks for answered prayers. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work afresh in 2017.

Tim Harris
Former Tulsa County District Attorney

As we look toward the beginning of a new year and anticipate what 2017 has in store for us, I am more convinced than ever to live a life that focuses on what we can do in the present, never knowing what day will actually be the last. God has given me the responsibility to lead my family. Do they observe me living in such a way that I know my future is secure because of my faith in Jesus Christ and His plan for my life?

Living for today and finishing strong is my goal. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Many have come out of the starting blocks in a flash only to fade in the stretch and self-destruct before the finish line. I may not have all the answers but asking the right questions is a good start. The sphere of my influence is most apparent when asking the question, what kind of legacy am I leaving with those I am responsible for? When I breath my last I pray my wife and children can say with confidence, “he was always there for me”.   For this to happen I will have to make decisions as to how I spend my time, talent and treasure.   If I actually knew what day would be my last, procrastination would not be a word in my vocabulary. May God bless you as you ask the right questions and seek to finish strong.

Senator Bill Brown
Senate District 36
Broken Arrow

This session, we were faced with a $1.3 billion revenue shortfall, the largest in state history. While a dire situation for our state, it forced the legislature to think of new ways to protect our vital state services while also addressing the budget hole.

Legislators introduced a historic $2 billion in revenue generating ideas. While not all of those bills were passed, we were able to create a significant amount of new revenue through numerous tax and budgetary reforms as well as utilizing agency savings, the Rainy Day Fund and road bonds.

We created $250 million in new annual revenue by eliminating the double-deduction ($87 million), capping the at-risk oil well tax credit ($112 million), making the Earned Income Tax Credit non-refundable ($25.9 million), and reforming the Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit ($12.9 million).

These reforms were positive steps in lessening the state’s dependence on one-time monies to fund state services. More improvement must be made, but these reforms got us on better financial footing going forward.

This session, we’ll be facing another significant revenue shortfall and must continue working to create new streams of revenue while ensuring we utilize available funds as efficiently as possible to strengthen our state’s economy and protect Oklahoma families and businesses.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Senator Nathan Dahm
Senate District 33
Broken Arrow

Many people have mixed opinions about 2016. The younger generation has somewhat jokingly called it “the worst year in history.” Others look at the historic events that took place – whether it’s the success stories from the Olympic games, the Cubs winning the World Series or Donald Trump winning the presidency – and think of how they set the stage for even greater victories in the future.

However you look at it, the truth is that much still remains to be accomplished, and we must not grow weary in doing good. We should not presume that just because a Republican occupies the White House that our jobs are done.

The focus should be shifted from looking to D.C. for answers. Rather, we must work with the new administration in order to restore Constitutional governance in our land by returning powers back to the states and rights back to the people.

No matter who the president is, the price of liberty remains eternal vigilance. The election is over; now the real work begins. Our focus must not be on one person or one city, but instead must be on returning to our guiding principles of freedom and liberty.

Senator Joe Newhouse
Senate District 25

This past Nov 8th by electing liberty-minded officials in historic margins. As a newly minted state senator I am extremely grateful for the grassroots support and confidence that so many of you have given me. While the upcoming session promises to be a challenging one, I am eager to work with fellow conservatives and get started.

Budget Deficit. My staff and I are kneading bills to wean well-lobbied interests from the treasury. By reducing the culture of picking winners-and-losers, we both strengthen the private sector and help ensure that core government services are preserved within a balanced budget. For example, the runaway tax credit for the wind industry needs immediate attention.

Teacher Pay. Just like the private sector rewards hard work and productivity, teacher pay raises should be judiciously apportioned to our teachers who have demonstrated excellent performance in the classroom.

Constitutional Reform. Oklahoma’s long-winded, government-enthused founding document runs perpendicular to our modern day conservative culture. It is the longest in the country and needs to be pruned. I dare you to read it.

After serving in the military, my family and I purposed to move back to Oklahoma for the clear cut reason that this is the best place to raise a family and start a business. I am honored to serve as your state senator and am excited to be kicking off the New Year together with you. Our best days are yet to come!

Senator Dave Rader
Senate District 39

In a study of the great leader, Joshua, from the Older Testament book that bears his name, we see many qualities of leadership that are recognized even today. Let’s consider a few:

  1. Study – Joshua learned from one of the best – Moses. Most any leader will have a mentor if not a host of mentors. A wise leader learns from each.
  2. Patience – Joshua waited years before he was tagged to lead. About the only way to learn patience is to experience it.
  3. Belief in a plan – Joshua did not hesitate to follow the plan God presented.
  4. Involvement – Joshua was known to take walks with the people – sometimes day after day around the same city.
  5. Personal fortitude – Joshua was exhorted by God many times to “..be strong and courageous.” There comes a time when you may be the only one who believes in you, or you become aware you are obviously in a situation of difficult decision(s). When this occurs, it is up to you to take the next step. Strength and courage are necessities.

These lessons via Joshua are ours for the learning – either in a relative sense, or an absolute sense. Personally, I am entering into an unfamiliar professional adventure. Surely these five qualities are worthy characteristics to embrace along the way.

Our state faces many critical issues. It will take a study – an understanding, if you will – of the details of these issues for our legislature to govern well. Patience will be a virtue in working with each other in formulating plans/solutions. Once the plan is formed, then seeing the plan through to the end will be essential. Needless to say, involvement in the process is a must. Then, when the solution is formulated it will take courage to bring it to the people for they have entrusted the legislature in whole to improve Oklahoma. So, do just that. Improve Oklahoma first, and do it with strength and courage. It is an honor to serve the people of Senate District 39. With those qualities in mind, we must approach our budget deficit with these three objectives, first: (1) Financial Management Reform (Practices like non-recurring funds) (2) Reform the Tax Code (like wind subsidies) (3) Give the legislature more flexibility over state funding (35 percent is now “off-the-top”). From there the top priorities will be to strengthen/broaden or economy, bring our teachers total compensation package in line with our adjoining states, and continue with DOT’s 8-year plan.

James A. Williamson
Formerly Senate District 35

Exciting times are ahead with a new President and a Republican Congress! Sandra and I are thankful for the outcome of the elections and the promise it brings for the direction of our Country.

However, the hard work has just begun. As Christians, we need to continue to pray for our State, our Country, and for revival across the Nation. We need to be ready and willing to serve when we are called to help press forward a conservative agenda, remembering that these conservative principals originated with our Creator and it is His message that we carry.

We can be assured that the assault upon traditional values and those who practice them will continue. Yet, we must stand strong, and we must provide living examples of the ideals we share. We have the great privilege of being a light of hope and determined stability in a seemingly upturned world.

On a personal note, Sandra and I sincerely pray that you and your loved ones have a blessed and prosperous 2017.

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith
Founder, President Tulsa 9.12 Project

2016 gave us one helluva ride! Between the Presidential election and all that entailed, and the state with the Education lobby trying to take over the Oklahoma legislature, citizens from across our state and country sent a message very loud and very clear on November 8th … “Get ‘er done!” No more whining and excuses from our federal delegation – we have given you the House, the Senate and the White House, now… get ‘er done! ObamaCare repealed and replaced during the 115th Congress – NO excuses! Overreaching federal regulations, unconstitutional executive orders, reducing the size of government, easing Americans tax burdens … just Get ‘er done!!! The people of Oklahoma want our state legislators to “Get ‘er done!” here, as well. The education groups were unsuccessful in bullying their way into the legislature as planned last year, and Oklahoma voters soundly defeated the one percent sales tax initiative, not because they believe teachers don’t deserve a raise but because it would have been bad overall for Oklahoma.

Parental choice in education and vaccination is a MUST! Education reform, including teacher pay raises is necessary to restore confidence in our education and relieve some of the burden on teachers. Asset forfeiture and justice reform need to be addressed, protecting our First Amendment by protecting donor laws, rejecting Medicaid expansion, as well as pension and tax code reform are what Oklahoma citizens elected (re-elected), our state legislature to take care of. So, just as at the federal level, the citizens of Oklahoma have sent the message to the Oklahoma House, Senate and Governor’s office to… GET ‘ER DONE! Republicans have super majorities in the House and Senate and we hold the Governor’s office – NO excuses! Get ‘er Done!! Here’s hoping that at this time next year we can declare, “2017 the year We Got ‘er Done!”

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, FreedomWorks Advisory Council Member

Heritage Action for America, Sentinel Wall of Honor Award Recipient

J. Michael Ritze, D.O. M.F.S.A.
House District 80
Physician and Surgeon

Americans and Oklahomans are blessed.

There is work to be done in 2017. Our nation and state must deal with threats to our health, safety and prosperity while facing the prospect of economic and terrorist danger from abroad.

We have renewed hope in the change of administrations in Washington, D.C. Perhaps the floodgate of immigrants through the idea of blanket amnesty is gone but the danger of disease and epidemics increase.

Obamacare is creating higher health care premiums, larger deductibles and fewer choices. The hope is that Congress will quickly repeal this onerous, over-reaching legislation.

Some activist judges are ignoring the Constitution and our laws to arbitrarily force social change that is contrary to the will of the majority of Americans and against our founding principles. The only way to change the Constitution is through amendments, not judicial whim. We do not need an Article V Constitutional Convention – the Constitution is fine as is.

Judges need to uphold laws to limit or eliminate abortion.

As a U.S. Army Veteran, we need to pray for our troops and ask God to bless them in their mission and for their safety, especially those in harm’s way overseas.

I have traveled the nation and spoken before local groups that share these concerns about federal controls. We are not alone.

You have my word I won’t step away from these challenges.

From my wife Connie, my family and myself, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may God bless you in 2017.

Rep. David Brumbaugh
Oklahoma House District 76
Broken Arrow
Majority Caucus Chairman

As we approach the coming year with a super majority in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and a new administration in our nation’s capital, it is important for all of us to remember the words of (John 18:37) – “Jesus did not come as king to conquer any political system but for God’s truth to win the hearts of people.”

It is my prayer that we as elected servants of the people of Oklahoma will seek to govern in 2017 in such a manner that God’s truth is promoted and he is glorified by our actions.

Rep. Michael Rogers
Oklahoma House District 98

It has been a privilege to serve the citizens of Broken Arrow and District 98 over these past two years. It hasn’t been without some challenges.   In my first year, we experienced a $611 million dollar shortfall and last year a $1.3 Billion dollar short fall.   As a conservative, I know raising taxes isn’t the answer to the state’s problems and it will take real leadership to manage us through this difficult time.

First, as a conservative Christian, there is nothing more important to me than protecting the unborn in Oklahoma.   As another abortion clinic opens up this year in Oklahoma City, it is important for us to stand together and fight these horrific acts.

Secondly, Oklahomans voted they do not believe a tax is the right solution for a teacher pay raise by defeating SQ 779. I do believe we need to address a teacher pay raise and as the Chairman of the Common Education Committee this session, I feel like it is my duty to lead that charge to make sure we do it right and responsibly. There is nothing more important than a quality teacher in the classroom and we need to make sure we pay them accordingly.

Finally, I look forward to serving my constituents these next two years with honor, character, and humility. I am ready serve and expect great things in 2017. For any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Rep. Chuck Strohm
Oklahoma House District 69

Thank you to the voters of District 69 (Jenks, Bixby & South Tulsa) for asking me to represent them at the State Capitol for a Second Term. Words cannot express what an honor and privilege it has been to serve the people of our great state. More so, I am truly humbled that God has allowed me to serve for another term, so please pray for my family and I as we walk out the calling God has placed on our lives.

Knowing that Angela and my kids are behind the decision to serve gives tremendous peace and strength as we fight against the assault on our Biblical traditional values and desire to grow government. I repeatedly stood with Traditional Marriage and Family because Oklahomans overwhelmingly support the Judeo-Christian values that this nation was founded upon. I proudly support legislation that changes how our judges are appointed and retained. We MUST do away with the retention ballot so that judges are once again accountable to the people. After serving on the common education committee, it has become apparent that we will not fix the education problems of our state through central planning and over-regulation. We will fix them by unleashing the power of the American Spirit and the creativity of our teachers. That is why I support less regulation for the public schools in conjunction with school choice and education savings accounts.

Finally, I was part of a small group of legislators who met throughout session to find creative ways to solve the high stakes testing problem. Many of you shared that over-testing was your number one problem and am happy to say that I responded by helping to develop and co-author legislation to lighten the states mandatory testing requirements. As promised, I supported legislation that strengthened our 2nd Amendment rights and fought Federal overreach as President Obama tried to force our public schools to do away with boys and girls bathrooms. Even now, there is a push in our public schools to not call boys ‘boys’ and girls ‘girls’. These efforts have earned me the prestigious honor be being named the Freshman Conservative House Member of the Year for 2015 & 2016. In this upcoming session, you can count on me to fight for Constitutional Conservative ideas and raise the banner for traditional values because these are the values of the Oklahoma people.

May God Bless Oklahoma and may God Bless these United States of America.

Rep. Kevin McDugle
Oklahoma House District 12

The 2016 election year was definitely one for the record books. I ran for office thinking Hillary Clinton was going to be our next president. I am more than elated that she was not elected. I ran because I felt like we needed to insure Oklahoma stood on the 10th Amendment. We need to protect our state from the overreach of the federal government. The terrible Obama experience should have taught all of us valuable lessons. We need to make sure we don’t take those lessons for granted. Oklahoma definitely needs to put itself in a position to where it can protect itself against another dictator president. We cannot sit back and think, “It can’t happen to us.” This is what many of us thought until Obama.

I am excited about serving in the State House. Our Freshman Class has 25 members due to term limits. I feel like we have a real opportunity to move things forward with conservative principles and values. We have a great class of principled conservatives. We have quite a few of our new legislators with military experience. I love our military leaders because I know that at least once in their life they were willing to give there lives for something greater than themselves. They have shown that they are selfless and that is a vast difference from some of the legislators we have seen in the past that are in it for themselves.

Keep praying for our state and new president. God Bless!

Rich Gradel
Broken Arrow Attorney

This past year has been one of the most amazing, and revealing, in the history of the United States. The twists and turns of the Presidential election totally surprised me. I underestimated the grassroots passion to upset the status quo.

Now, there’s a sense of relief at having dodged the human bullet that is Hillary Clinton and a feeling that things may actually improve and that we might regain some of our lost freedoms. Like spring training in baseball, hope springs eternal at the outset of a new Presidency. We need to remember, though, that a large number of our fellow Americans don’t share these feelings of hope and relief. And that’s where the Church comes in. The Body of Christ in America, and not any political party, must heal the nation’s wounds, clean up its corruption, usher in justice.

I’m a conservative, and a Republican, but my identity is in Jesus Christ. The Church, alone, can fill the present leadership vacuum, and it will succeed when we’re more passionate about our Christianity than our social status, ethnic group or ideology and when you can no longer tell people’s political affiliation simply by knowing their ethnicity.

Hope springs eternal!

Ken Sellers

The November 2016 Presidential election was a Black Swan event. A Black Swan event is one that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact even with the benefit of hindsight.

For me this “Black Swan” event was “Act of God” responding to 2 Chronicles 7:14 prayers by God’s People. Being familiar with the establishment forces in both political parties, I know this improbable outcome could not have been accomplished by a man-orchestrated effort. Those watching, know, the ruling class, their puppet masters and their media surrogates did everything they could to prevent the election of Donald Trump.

There is a qualifier in God’s 2 Chronicles 7:14 proposition that must be fulfilled next before our land “will be healed” and that is God’s People must “turn from our wicked ways.” President-elect Trump campaigned on a number of promised actions that if acted on, will bring about a national “turning from our wicked ways,”

If this election is truly to be a turning point in becoming “One Nation under God” again, then Christians must seriously and in reality, humble themselves, seek God’s face and turn from their wicked ways.

Vigilance is the order of the day. This is no time to slumber.

Forrest Cowan
Executive Director MEND Medical Clinic/PRC

Please SAVE THE DATE for our 30th Anniversary Celebration​, March 9th, at the Glenpool Conference Center.

“Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward” – Psalm 127:3

Our purpose is to save little babies’ lives and win young moms and dads to Christ.

Our thanks to each of you and your families for investing in this ministry with your time, prayers and finances.

Here is what God has done in 2016 in our local community:

* 1,650 patients coming in our door last year

* 82 percent of those vulnerable to abortion choosing life after seeing their baby’s heartbeat

* 21 souls coming to Christ

* 24 mothers and fathers in Bible studies

* 71 families in weekly parenting classes

We offer three years of help with diapers, clothing, car seats, and strollers

In Christ’s love,

Forrest Cowan

Executive Director

Bill Yeakey, Jr.
Chairman/CEO, Retired
Master Packaging, Inc.
6717 E. 13th Street
Tulsa, OK 74112

I woke up on the morning of November 9th and learned that Donald Trump was the President-elect and I said, “Thank you, Jesus, Hillary Clinton is not going to be president.” I supported Ted Cruz in the primary, but when Trump won the nomination I became a Trump supporter. I really didn’t have a choice.

The United States, as we know it, could not survive another term of Obama. The inauguration is a few short days away and Trump still has much to prove, but just about anything (other than a democrat) has to be an improvement over the last eight years. I mostly like what I have seen thus far and I have a great deal of optimism for the future of our United States of America.

As a Christian, I believe redemption is a fact for those who confess their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus for salvation. It is my duty to pray for Donald Trump’s salvation and I do daily.

Happy New Year everyone!

Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. 2 Cor. 7:1 (NKJV)

Travis Jones
CEO, Career Development Partners

As I write this, 2016 is quickly coming to an end and history will be complete for another year. The election always brings trepidation to those in both parties. Some are fearful and others are optimistic. What a wonderful thing that we live in a democratic country. We are told in the Word of God to pray for those in authority. I love it that God is in control and we can trust Him.

Leadership Development is a wise investment for companies no matter the state of the economy. Creating a learning culture is the growing of the skills of individuals within an organization. We find that continuous learning is a competitive advantage for those who invest in their people. People are worth the investment and we help our clients make good choices in their employees’ life cycle of service – selecting employees, onboarding, development and education and preparing for successful retirement.

We are thankful for our clients and candidates that we have had the privilege of working with in 2016. I am thankful for a great team of folks that work to make happen in an excellent way. God has been good to us in 2016.

Stephen R. Frank
OND Financial Solutions
4715 E. 91st St., Suite 100
Tulsa, OK 74137

“Though your ultimate trust is in God, He honors wise planning and good stewardship.” (Luke 14:28-30)

We consider it a privilege to assist our clients in the realization of their life’s dreams.

As a wealth management firm, we spend our time focused on our clients’ goals and core values to make sure their financial plans reflect who they are and what they believe.

We have been encouraged through the years with how people understand that it is not just about the money. It is about family, faith, philanthropy, service, missions and making a positive difference in this world.

We are privileged to help our clients create a lasting legacy.

Blessings to you throughout the year.

Stephen R. Frank is a Registered Representative of and off Securities Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. Supervisory Office: 4801 Gaillardia Parkway, Suite 250, Oklahoma City, OK 73142. (405) 486-1400. OND Financial Solutions is not an affiliate or subsidiary of MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies. *Not practicing on behalf of MML Investors Services, LLC.