Editorial: Lesbian seeking return to ORU

A former student at Oral Roberts University dropped out with one semester left before she got her degree and then she “married” another woman.

Now, she wants to be re-admitted to finish her degree and so far, university officials say no.

When students chose to attend ORU, a private university, they agree to and sign a code of conduct that is consistent with ORU’s standard for following principles in the Bible. If you violate that pledge, you are legally and morally liable for discipline or expulsion.

ORU is absolutely against homosexual marriage, as it should be. To allow married homosexuals to attend would send absolutely the wrong message to the other mostly impressionable students who come to ORU for a Christian education and a moral environment.

The former student has hired an attorney and may sue. It is a shame that she is so close to a degree but it is her own fault that she made this public immoral move and therefore she has no standing for re-admission.

This is similar to a case at Baylor where an All-American female basketball player signed a similar code of conduct pledge and yet lived a homosexual lifestyle. After her career at Baylor, she was a high draft pick in the WNBA (which welcomes lesbian players) and she subsequently married another woman.

These are just more examples of the Homosexual Agenda that State Rep. Sally Kern warned of several years ago. They won’t stop until they force acceptance on everyone.

This sinful abomination has no place at ORU.