Liberal and the liberal media are using the word ‘racist’ too much

It continues to dismay and offend me how politicians and others with an agenda to further continue to misuse and even destroy that variation of the English language in common use in the United States. Of course, it should be remembered that there is a long time saying: “He who controls the language controls the debate.”

By the continual use of words and phrases in ways unusual to the long-held practices, those of the C/S (Communist/Socialist) Movement have, by repetition, managed to misinform and misguide large numbers of the population.

In this quest, they have been assisted by a willing majority of the various sources of media. One of the words most frequently and deliberately  thus misused is the word racist. This word is a form of the root word “racism,” which is defined as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”

Such was the case, beginning in the 1930s, of the leaders of the Nazi Party that established the Third Reich or Socialist Republic of Germany.

There the leaders, particularly the Fuhrer Adolph Hitler – who proclaimed the Aryan Race to be a “super” race and that all Jews were to be exterminated. Of course, the word Jew means a member of a particular religion. Over the centuries since the Jewish religion was established by instructions from God to Moses, it has been the practice of Jewish leaders to bring their message to the Gentiles and convert them to the faith.

Thus, not all Jews are descendants of Israel, nor are all his descendants now Jews.

There is though, a sect called Messianic,  which accepts Jesus as the Messiah. And then there is the whole of Christianity, which is actually an offshoot of Judaism, since all original Christians were Jews.

Back to the language misuse – besides the continual misuse of the word racist – is the longer practice of misusing the word American to mean citizens of the United States of America. In truth, and more accurately, citizens of all the nations in the two continents called America are, by definition, Americans. Thus, citizens of Canada and Mexico are true Americans and, again by definition, there is no such race as American or even Mexican. Because of the long ownership by Spain of Mexico, there is also no distinct Mexican Race.

However, to my knowledge since at least the mid-1960s, there has been a political movement calling itself La Raza, which translated is “the race.”

This rather radical and often destructive group that maintains that the United States had stolen the land now known as Arizona, California, Colorado (south half) and New Mexico. In truth, while the war with the kingdom of Mexico ended with these lands being deeded to the United States, records in my education indicated that the United States Government had paid the defeated government of Mexico in cash for these lands.

Now we have, in my opinion, a political program to discredit the candidacy of Donald Trump for making comments about a judge in a legal case making him racist.

Actually, it has come out that the judge in question is a member of a legal group with the name “La Raza” included, but claiming no connection with the original “La Raza.” Although not a lawyer, it seems to me, from statements made on TV and radio, that the judge in question has shown by actions that he is biased against Mr. Trump in this case. If true, there would be sufficient grounds to replace

him on this case, at least in the mind of any fair-thinking person.

The judge is reported to have been appointed by PRESBO, thus an assumption of prejudice would be normal. Several of his appointments, including to the Supreme Court, have

reported to have admitted some such bias.