Editorial: Liberal ESPN loses its audience

It’s hard to watch ESPN these days.

The viewership numbers for the biggest sports network on cable have dropped from almost 100 million subscribers in 2013 to around 90 million this year.

Why are the numbers headed south?

First, people are abandoning cable and switching to satellite servers. Some are leaving cable and satellite and opting to get their entertainment strictly from the Internet.

This is being driven by the ever-rising cost of cable TV and the widening availability of other programming, including Netflix and others.

As a result, ESPN has had some major personnel layoffs.

But another large contributing factor to the decline of ESPN channels is its march toward politics, particularly left-wing ideology.

It’s hard to be a conservative analyst on ESPN these days. To stay in good with management, you have to embrace homosexual marriage, feminism, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and a host of other progressive issues. You must be anti-President Trump and his policies.

ESPN celebrated the first openly homosexual player in the NFL (who wasn’t a very good player and got bounced out of the league). It constantly defends Colin Kaepernick and his protests against the American flag.

Dedicated Christians like Tim Tebow are disdained.

ESPN should stick to sports. That’s it. But they won’t because the left in this country knows that those channels attract a large male audience.

ESPN.com is loaded with stories laced with political correctness, praised liberals and bashing conservatives or those with traditional values.

ESPN has every right to be political. But there is a price to pay for force feeding progressivism that is a loss of viewers by the millions.