Liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court overturns pro-life bill

The liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court  has struck down a law that requires doctors who do abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within a 30-mile.

Senate Bill 1848, by Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, was designed to improve health care for women who undergo dangerous abortion procedures.

The court ruled instead that making a doctor have an affiliation with a nearby hospital was “an undue burden on a ‘woman’s right’” to kill her unborn baby and was therefore unconstitutional.

In June, the liberal U.S. Supreme Court overturned a similar law in Texas.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court believes all women have a “constitutional right” based on Roe v. Wade to have an abortion without interference from the government. This is just another in a series of 19 pro-life laws that have been passed by both house of the Legislature, signed by Republican and Democrat governors, and then overturned by the activist court.

“It doesn’t surprise me because this state Supreme Court found against another bill because they are one of the most pro-choice-friendly courts in all of the United States,” Treat said.

Also, the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court has granted permission for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to borrow $480,000,000.00 for new projects even though the Oklahoma Constitution prohibits public borrowing without a vote of the people. As a result, tolls on state road with increase by at least 12 percent and the OTA will incur almost half a billion dollars in new debt.

The Turnpike Authority has been selling bonds since 1950 and the Oklahoma Supreme Court has approved that borrowing at least 10 times. No bond proposal has ever been denied.