Editorial: Liberal YWCA is afraid of Trump

The election Donald Trump has put the fear of God into some people.

Mostly those who are afraid are in America illegally plus liberals who want them to stay without meeting legal requirements.

One of those group is the Tulsa YWCA. That’s the YWCA, not the YMCA. The YWCA used to be a Christian organization but not so much anymore. It’s really a front for progressivism, especially radical feminism and amnesty.

The YWCA put out a press release saying they were “closely monitoring any policy changes” that could affect Tulsa’s immigrant communities. Translation: they are afraid Trump will kick out illegal aliens.

The YWCA is a self-proclaimed “social justice organization.” Translation: they want to force their progressive idealogy on everyone in our society.

The YWCA, which has lesbians sprinkled throughout its national leadership, wants a “common sense immigration process” that “keeps families together in the United States.”

Like so many liberal groups, they seem to be well intentioned but their programs to expand government only make things worse.

The YWCA and The University of Tulsa School of Law is sponsoring a symposium that is disguised as simply a discussion on immigration following the presidential election. The real purpose is to help keep illegals in Tulsa by preparing them for the upcoming enforcement of immigration laws.

America was built through immigration. There are legal channels, which have been circumvented by President Obama and the Democrats. That’s going to change with President Trump.

The ultra-liberal bent of the Tulsa YWCA is just one more reason to not contribute to United Way but instead to give to nonprofits who don’t have a hidden agenda.