Editorial: Liberals encourage racial divide

The racial divide in America is deepening.


The recent shooting of black people by a white man in a church in South Carolina is not being interpreted as the evil work of a crazy person but instead is seen as an opportunity to stir discord.

President Obama, the first black president, was supposed to help improve race relations. Instead, he fans the flames every time the liberal news media focuses on a conflict between white people and minorities.

Obama is helping to paint a picture of racism that is much worse than actually exists in the country. And he used this terrible crime as a springboard to advocate tougher gun laws.

Tougher laws would not have stopped this crime. The revolver the gunman used would have been legal under the assault weapons ban sought by Obama and his liberal minions. It is a solution that doesn’t have a problem.

Law enforcement is being attacked as every crime scene is filmed. More accountability is needed but the media treatment of these incidents is causing a level of distrust that is not merited. There are a few bad apples but most people don’t hate minorities.

Obama could help America by lowering his rhetoric and ending his politicizing of crime. That probably won’t happen.

Racial relations in America have improved dramatically over the past 50 years but there is still some work to be done. Stirring the ashes will delay that progress.