Editorial: Liberals targeting kids for sex ed

When the liberal media joins forces with secularist public school officials, the losers are students and their parents.

That is the case so far in the Fresno (California) Unified School District. Those school officials let a reporter from the Fresno Bee newspaper have access to high school students on campus.

The liberal reporter was working on a story about what students were learning concerning public school sex education and was focusing on abortion and homosexuality.

His survey questions ended with him asking if the students have had sexual relations and if they had engaged in “unprotected sex.”

Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute want an investigation plus apologies to parents, and other remedial steps.  PJI sent a letter to the superintendent and school board members of Fresno USD.

State and federal laws require notification of parents plus an opportunity to object when schools offer surveys about sex, religion, politics and family life. In Fresno, parents had no chance to object.

And of course, the liberal Fresno Bee printed the results of their dubious survey and even quoted some students by name.

Failure to protect students and their families from these intrusions could come back to haunt the school district and could mean a loss of some federal funds.

“Convincing a school district to allow the violation of student privacy and parental rights in order to sell newspapers is a new low for the mainstream media,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute.

Liberal educators believe you can’t stop teens from having sex. The truth is that providing sexual information can actually make the problem worse.