Editorial: Life-threatening danger grows

This activity could cost you your life.

A report in the Los Angeles Times states that there is an outbreak of meningococcal in Southern California in the male homosexual population.

Beginning in May, nine men in Los Angeles and Orange counties have gotten sick with a meningococcal infection. At least one has already died.

The problem is growing and there is such a large population of homosexual men there that health officials are pleading that they get a meningitis vaccination.

The U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends that all HIV patients routinely get meningococcal vaccines.

The infection has been rare and is caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitides, which affect the bloodstream and can lead to meningitis. At least six cases were caused by a certain strain of meningococcal bacteria.

It spreads by coughing, saliva, nose mucus and kissing an infected person. It is a disease that is easily preventable if you abstain from perverted sexual behavior.

Men who adopt a homosexual lifestyle risk their lives by possibly contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It’s a fact that this personal degradation can lead to an early death.