Letter to the editor: Looting money from the rich

It seems that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are telling us they want to take money from the rich and help the “working people.”

History teaches that is another name for looting. It looks like “working people” – from their viewpoint – are government workers and members of powerful unions. The problem is these so-called working people are not very productive. So, It means fewer funds are available to help those not working for government and less to help the poor.

Then, listen to Bernie. He tells us the United States has fewer people above the poverty level than any major government in the world. That’s the science of using distorted statistics for a major impact. The question for Bernie is, why then are people wanting to come here? Why is there a border crisis? Bernie, why are you grossly misleading? Do you live in a make-believe world?

Look at history. Too much government always leads to more poor people – unless you work for the government or favor a dictatorial government.