Magna Carta was a foretaste of America’s system of government

As this is written on June 15, 2015, I was reminded by a certain talk show host in Tulsa that June 15, 800 years ago, the signing of the Magna Carta was secured by a group of English nobility from the then King.  In school, we were taught that this document was the very first effort to provide, in writing, freedom guarantees to the non-ruling citizens of any nation.  Previously, those majorities existed at the whims of their ruling elite and had no rights of person, property or advancement from their lowly status.

In my opinion, this anniversary should be recognized in some way because these were the freedoms granted and guaranteed that the English King in the 1700 was denying to the colonists in the North American Continent.  The usurpations of freedom were in detail enumerated in the words of our own Declaration of Independence.  This document, dated July 4, 1776, states the violations of the then King of England against the rights of the British citizens living in the American colonies as the valid reasons for the renunciation of their ties to Great Britain and establishment of a new nation to be known as the United States of America.

Thus it is that the authors of that and the Constitution (ratified on September 13, 1788) brought about a new nation to guarantee the God-given rights to all its citizens.  To my knowledge, not in the history of the world has there been such a nation, nor, it seems, has one so eloquently stated been founded since.  In fact, the history of the world has been one of slavery and brutality since there was any recording of such.

The one that came closest was the premise of the Jewish state of Israel, but it’s history is replete (in the Old Testament of the Bible) with royal misconduct by rulers.  The citizens had been warned by a prophet that a king would do just like those of the other nations around them.  But they demanded a king, my thought being that they could then be dependent upon the king for their well-being.  That did not work then and it has never done so since.

However, the numerous misguided leaders of the United States of America have attempted in the past to provide a democracy form of government to other nations that were rescued from their despotic leadership without lasting success.  They cannot seem to accept that a population never exposed to freedom cannot readily accept or adapt to it.  Freedom can only exist when the people are educated, informed (truthfully) and involved in honesty.

As was stated by one of the United States of America founders, possibly Jefferson, freedom can only exist in government until the people learn that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.  Unfortunately, in the United States of America the people have learned that they can do so and have done so, with the help of somewhat massive fraudulent ballot box stuffing.

We were given the most wonderful basic law documents to operate our republic by those dedicated delegates to the convention following the War for Independence.  It has been too often modified by amendments poorly conceived and/or (as is now being done regularly) just ignored to the detriment of us poor, overtaxed, over-regulated, and disrespected citizens.

On this Independence Day, July 4th, it is long past time that we, of the majority, stand up and demand that those politicians and bureaucrats follow the laws, rein in the agencies issuing the myriad of regulations having the force of law and return to the “rule of law” on which we were founded.  This must begin at the lowest political level, in the school boards and city and county governments.  A big step would be returning God to the schools and media.

So, a very warm and loyal Independence Day to all!