Man cannot control the weather

January 9, 2014

Human secularists want billions of dollars in government money to prove a new theory – that the arrival of man on the planet messed up weather forever.

Scientists in the fields of archaeology, ecology and paleontology want evidence that what they are calling the Anthropocene – the time when humans dominate the Earth – marked the beginning of the end for the world, weatherwise.

These “geniuses” can’t decide how long humans have dominated. They guess (and this will change whenever they feel it should) from 7,000-50,000 years ago. Those who suggest it was 7,000 years don’t dare mention the chronology of the Bible as part of their theory.

They reckon that the industrial revolution, the dawn of the atomic age and the burning of fossil fuels in the 19th Century was the beginning of the end because of their impact on “atmospheric gases.”

The bottom line is that these liberal scientists think that man is ruining the planet and unless drastic steps are taken immediately, we are all goners.

Of course, those drastic steps mean higher taxes for Americans and tighter environmental rules on manufacturing.

They cannot prove that man is the problem and they cannot guarantee that taxing America into Third World poverty status would reverse this trend.

The Earth has weathered the ups and downs of mankind since creation. It is folly to think that man is responsible for the weather and even more foolish to think that man can control the weather and climate.

This is not about science – it is about money. Let’s hope America is not foolish enough to take the bait.