Man-made global warming is a political hoax by men

Man-made global warming is an issue that won’t go away, not because it is true, but because it is political.

Back in 2009, I wrote several articles on the global warming issue after Architecture magazine produced an article that indicated that nearly half of the architects surveyed were skeptical that global warming was caused by human activity.  The reaction I received in way of e-mails was overwhelmingly in agreement, ranging from outright agreement that it was a hoax to skepticism that it was true.

Oh yes, I did get at least one e-mail from a reader who disagreed with me, saying that if I didn’t believe that pollution from cars was bad for the environment, I should close myself in a garage and leave the car running.  He apparently did not have a very scientifically analytical mind.

The depth of the global warming issue – or should I say climate change, the term that was adopted since evidence of data manipulation became public – has grown over the past two years, primarily due to the amount of money the federal government is investing into fundamentally changing the way we think and deal with climate change.

If you have not read The President’s Climate Action Plan, you should.  This is a 21-page document that Obama released in June of 2013.  It is filled with statements as facts that humans are responsible for global warming, that carbon dioxide is harmful, and that the earth is still warming, all of which are scientifically disputable and disprovable.

On page 16 of the document, Section III begins with this title:  Using Sound Science to Manage Climate Impacts, stating “The Administration will continue to lead in advancing the science of climate measurement and adaptation and development of tools for climate-relevant decision-making by focusing on the availability, accessibility, and utility of relevant scientific tools and information.”

And how will these tools and information be obtained?  By buying them.

Under the paragraph entitled Developing Actionable Climate Science, it states, “The President’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget provides more than $2.7 billion, largely through the 13-agency U.S. Global Change Research Program, to increase understanding of climate-change impacts, establish a public-private partnership to explore risk and catastrophe modeling, and develop the information and tools needed by decision-makers to respond to both long-term change impacts and near-term effects of extreme weather.”

There are all kinds of things wrong with this statement.  If a scientist receives a grant from the federal government to study climate change, one of three things is going to happen.  First, some scientists are going to feel compelled to produce the results the administration wants – that mankind is causing global warming with fossil fuels.  Second, scientists are going to produce honest reports showing conclusively the opposite, and third, scientist will produce reports saying that we cannot know whether either one is true.  The latter two reports will be ignored, and the former will be accepted as scientific truth.

Another fallacy in this statement regards weather modeling.  Modeling is done by programming a computer to generate a result, often which are wrong.  We can see examples of this when meteorologists issue projected paths of hurricanes.  Rarely do they show us only one predicted path, because they know that it will likely be wrong.  They show us multiple predicted paths because the computer data is so unreliable.

Finally, who are the decision makers mentioned in this statement?  Are they people like you and me, who are in business and need good information to make good decisions?  These are far more likely to be agencies of the federal government than of the private sector.

We have so many other problems facing our nation that we don’t need to be wasting so much time and money on a problem that simply doesn’t exist.  We have an illegal immigration problem, with some 30 million (not the 11 million that has been reported for the last decade) illegal aliens on our soil.  We are helping a rogue Muslim government get nuclear weapons, threatening our nation with a crippling EMP bomb.  We have unemployment that is probably close to 20 percent, not 4 percent, with 94 million people out of the job market.

How could we ever conclude that this war on the hoax of global warming isn’t political, and that the result of which will devastate our economy and freedoms?