Maybe God’s favor will return to us with a president who honors Him

Where has the year 2017 gone? It seems like just last month was January, but as one advances in biological age, time flying becomes a way of life. As the end of November approaches, it becomes incumbent on us to pause on the fourth Thursday and give heartfelt thanks to our Heavenly Father for the good things He has done for us, and the protections He has placed against things that could have been very bad, generated by the, very real (in my opinion) Devil himself.

We who were born in the United States of America really have more reason than any other people in the world to stop and offer our grateful thanks to God. The founders of our nation were, to a person, believers in a “Supreme Being” and it has been written that following the first presidential inauguration of George Washington, he led the whole congressional delegation to the church for a prayer service of thanksgiving to the beneficent God who intervened on behalf of the new nation in its war to secure the declared independence from the former despotic kingdom, Great Britain.

Since that time, there have been numerous additional wars fought, and – until after the mid-1900s – we were always victorious in our efforts, it seemed, with divine protection from God at appropriate times. Of course, it cannot be overlooked that there was  willing sacrifice on the part of our military and industry, particularly on the part of industry and agriculture, which provided the materials and supplies necessary. Unfortunately, it seems that  in 1950, we became involved in what was called a “police action” when our ally South Korea was invaded by their neighbors from the north. Since that action, which ended in an agreed cessation of action and thus not a victory, there have been a number of such intrusions around the world without a clear victory ending the activities.

Of course, we must remember that the end of the war in Iraq seemed to be a victory, with us maintaining some military remaining as an occupation force.

Unfortunately the next administration of PRESBO managed to undo any good that had been obtained by prematurely withdrawing our forces so as to allow forces involved with the most extreme and ruthless parts of Islam to take over. That was not only to our detriment, but also to the citizens remaining after our forces departed. It is my opinion that the departure was a deliberate move to achieve the result that occurred, based on numerous statements and actions of the former president. These include, but are not limited to, failure to wear a flag pin on his lapel; failure to salute our flag; (reported numerous times) telling officials of Islamic-based governments that “I am one of you;” being critical of the United States’ history in world affairs; reducing and politicizing our military; and removing God, Jesus, or “bless you” from military academy campuses.

It appears numerous times in scripture, both Old and New Testaments, that if a people turn against God, then He will turn against them. I, for one, believe that to be true, and am concerned that we as a nation have breached the original covenant with Him in our Declaration and Constitution, especially in the manner in which recent decades there were violations of the terms by officials to lower our attachment to Christianity and Judaism. PRESBO in recent years has publicly stated: “The United States is no longer a Christian nation,” according to numerous TV and radio broadcasts of the statement. He also turned his back on the National Day of Prayer last year and instead entertained numerous Muslim leaders of foreign governments and reportedly had numerous Muslims kneeling for prayer around the White House.

Fortunately, scripture informs us that He is patient and forgiving and now we have a president who often openly has proclaimed “God Bless the USA” and “God bless you.” It also states that if we repent and return to Him, He will forgive and restore  us to our past glory and safety from enemies inside and outside our borders. Those of us who believe in these items and will pray and hold our heads high to proclaim His promises can bring about a massive change in the general attitude of the population to provide assistance to PRESDT in his promised goal of “restoring the greatness of the USA.”

If that can happen, then we can look forward to a time when “the best is yet to come” and those of us approaching the end of our labors here on Earth can be secure in the knowledge that it will be well for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to  the tenth generation.

Also that the whole world’s population will come to live a much better life as well.