Maybe the Republican leaders have discovered their backbones

Thankfully it seems as though some of the Congressional leadership have found that they really do have a backbone and can stand up against the minority leadership being mean-mouthed.

They have actually used the rules to secure the seating of some of the presidential appointments that require Senate confirmation. Particularly satisfying to me was the confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be head of the nefarious EPA. He will probably take an active part in undoing many of the stupid and illogical rules that have been issued with the force of law during the course of perhaps 24 years. Rules that have the effect of increasing the cost of many things we use daily for all of us, with no really appreciable benefit.

Unfortunately, there are still a few miscreants left in the caucus, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, and Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, who cannot resist making irrelevant, and untrue, accusations against PRESDT. Why their constituents continue returning them in elections is not clear to me. If our congressional delegates acted in such a petulant and irresponsible manner, there are plenty of us in Oklahoma that would leave no stone unturned to give them the retirement they would so richly deserve.

In the case of the EPA, there was an AP story in the daily news(?)paper on Feb. 7 that bore the headline “Scores of EPA workers object to Trump’s pick (Pruitt) to lead agency.” Actually the headline was a little misleading since the story mostly was “about 300 people, including scores of EPA employees who rallied across the street from the agency’s regional headquarters in downtown Chicago.” In addition, it stated that “nearly 450 former EPA officials signed a letter sent to the U.S. Senate” that strongly opposed his nomination. Of course, the gist of all this is that these people are career bureaucrats who were hired because of their existing prejudices in favor of the extremist environmental movement. Said movement was infiltrated and finally taken over by the world Communist movement, which should explain their militant and violent conduct.

Not to be outdone, it repeated that “Senate Democrats boycotted a committee vote on Pruitt’s nomination” using an excuse his “14 lawsuits” against EPA regulations in the U.S. Supreme Court.” The story failed to mention that he prevailed and they we were, at least to that extent, protected from even more expensive, unnecessary and intrusive regulations.

The idea of taking a break (boycott) seems to be a common occurrence in politics in recent months. Those who boycott, usually against paid representatives of the people, simply walk out instead of showing their unpopular positions on issues by playing hooky, like the spoiled brats they are acting.

It appears to me that they should be held accountable for not doing the jobs they so eagerly sought with the rather cushy benefits they receive, along with a substantial retirement as well as being exempted from most of the nefarious laws they have pushed through in previous congresses. One way would be to enact a constitutional amendment to establish term limits, such as four terms for House members and two for Senators. That would tend, in a few years, to weed out those who, although ten or more years younger than myself, look, act, and speak like someone substantially older, and in some cases like they should have care in a mental facility.

The final approval of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, in my opinion, bodes well for the poor overloaded payers of the taxes to run the nation. It has been fairly well proven, although not much reported, that this department is and has been responsible for rules that substantially have reduced our quality of life, raised the cost of living and actually were detrimental to the environment they claimed the rules were meant to benefit. Mr. Pruitt is expected to bring some sense to this wayward and out of control dictatorial department.