Mayor reacts to parking meter complaints Downtown

Mayor G.T. Bynum signed an executive order to put funding for future parking meter improvements and repair into a special account. Previously, revenue received from parking meters was distributed into the city’s general fund.

Tulsa citizens and business owners Downtown have complained about the inefficiency of the parking system and many say they don’t want to see Bynum’s proposed expansion of the area covered by parking meters and an extension of parking fees into the evening and on Saturdays. After the negative feedback, Bynum withdrew the proposal change in parking meter hours.

Bynum wants more taxes to expand the paid parking system.

“We have a parking meter system that is outdated and yet we cannot make improvements if we don’t have the appropriate funding to do so,” Bynum said. “We want visitors to have a comfortable and convenient experience when visiting downtown Tulsa and this executive order is a step in the right direction.”

Bynum claimed that tickets will not be issued at broken meters.

Downtown business owners approached the Downtown Coordinating Council and the City of Tulsa to ask for changes to the parking system.  Bynum wants to replace parking meters with parking pay stations, similar to those now in place in the Arts District.