Editorial: McCain: Please switch parties

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, should switch parties.

In essence, he is a functioning Democrat.

It’s amazing that the Republican power brokers were able to get him the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, where he got blistered by a first-term, Muslim-loving community organizing Senator from Illinois. It’s obvious that the war-mongering McCain hates President Donald Trump. It’s probably a combination of Trump’s successful campaign plus Trump’s commitment to “drain the swamp (Washington, D.C.).”

Earlier this month, McCain did something no American senator should do. He criticized a sitting president while McCain was abroad. And it’s even worse because it was one Republican blasting another Republican overseas.

McCain severely criticized Trump’s foreign police to The Guardian newspaper in London. Trump had questioned the resolve of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, following the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in that city. ISIS claimed responsibility. McCain told the newspaper that “as far as American leadership is concerned,” the U..S’s global standing was better under Obama than under Trump.

America no longer wants to lead, McCain said.

Part of this unwarranted criticism could be due to McCain’s senility. The good voters of Arizona should consider that the next time he is on the ballot. Obama was determined to destroy America’s prestige throughout the world and his weakness invited conflict. Some world leaders may not like Trump’s message of American strength but that’s too bad. Trump won’t negotiate away American sovereignty or surrender to tyranny.

McCain would fit better in the Democrat Party.