Editorial: Meaningless political labeling

A growing number of “conservative, Republican” legislators are neither conservative nor Republican.

In Oklahoma, you can’t get elected to a statewide office if you are a registered Democrat. So after 100 years of Democrat control of state government, Democrats are reregistering as Republicans even though they care little about traditional GOP values.

Those values include protecting the lives of unborn children; making government smaller and more efficient; and not raising taxes.

Registered Republicans have been in charge of the House, Senate and Governor’s Mansion for almost eight years. Conservative voters anticipated that giving the GOP that much control would result in genuine education reform, reduction of corporate welfare and the abolishment of abortion in Oklahoma.

None of that has occurred.

The fault lies at the feet of the Republican leadership. They do not hold to their own party platform.

Safely re-elected to a second term and final term, Gov. Mary Fallin has vetoed pro-life bills and campaigned to raise hundreds of new taxes to grow government. She even threatened a boycott if the budget bill relied more on agency cuts than new taxation for Oklahomans.

There are exceptions. There are some Republican legislators from Tulsa and Broken Arrow who genuinely are trying to solve the state’s problems with conservative, common-sense solutions. They have been thwarted by their own party leaders.

This has to stop.

Oklahoma will go bankrupt if the state continues to raise taxes, expand casino gambling, promote alcohol sales and turn a blind eye to abortion.

The solution is at the ballot box. Candidates must be responsible for claiming to be “conservative” and then voting for big government and confiscatory taxation.

If Republicans are going to govern like liberal Democrats, there is no point in putting them in office.