Media attempts to smear Alabama Judge Roy Moore doesn’t succeed

It never ceases to amuse and irritate me the way that  self-claimed “journalists” continue to blatantly display their disdain for anyone or anything that remotely appears to be oriented to the political side of allegiance and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution or to  Biblical words. They seem to completely forget (maybe they are just misguided) an allegiance to the Constitution and that their constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of the press as contained in the very first amendment in that list referred to as The Bill of Rights. Long gone is the originally sacred mantra of honest journalism that consisted of reporting “who, what, when and where” with the more personal opinion of “why.”

A case in point surfaced in the daily paper on September 27 in a report on a special Republican primary election in Alabama the previous day. The bias shown in the headline immediately grabbed my attention as it stated: “Firebrand jurist wins Alabama  primary.” That is evidence of an opinion statement on the part of whoever composed the headline. The  sub-head read: “Ex-judge Roy Moore defeated candidate supported by Trump.” Credits were given  to Kim Chandler and Jay Reeves of the Associated Press, not previously heard of by me.

Doubling down on the label, the story began with the words – “Firebrand jurist Roy Moore” – in the first paragraph which went on to allow that Judge Moore “defeated an appointed incumbent backed by President Donald Trump and ally of Sen. Mitch McConnell.” For those who might have been asleep for some time, the incumbent was appointed by the governor of Alabama to serve out the term of the former U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, who left to serve in the PRESBO administration as attorney general.

Naturally, that is the conduct of those of the Communist/Socialist persuasion in  their propensity to fabricate, obfuscate, and if possible, obliterate the  truth to serve their own agenda. In my opinion, their agenda is to complete the overthrow of our constitutional republic in favor of a Socialist or Communist dictatorial form of government. In that case, they would be the rulers and we who pay the bills would become their slaves, living in poverty and misery only to do their bidding while they would live in luxury to tell us what, when and where to do their bidding.

Judge Moore has served twice as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice and was removed twice by corrupt officials when he stood up to a misguided or corrupt federal judge who had ordered the removal of a Ten Commandments posted in the Capitol. Sound familiar to us Okies? That misguided judge was added to soften the accusation on that judge, believed to have been an Obama appointment, when the Senate members did not do their constitutionally delegated job and fail to withhold consent.

Judge Moore has a reputation for being a no-nonsense  constitutionalist with a strong faith in God and Jesus, some attributes we sorely need more of in Congress, particularly, and in the whole staff of government at all levels, as was the situation in the beginning of the nation. In my opinion Moore will, if elected in November over a Democrat opponent, be a real  needed addition to the Senate. If he holds true to past form, he will not hesitate to call the leadership down when they move, as in the past, to simply roll over and ignore the primary law of  the land, from founding.

Also, he has claimed himself to be a solid supporter of PRESDT, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he knew that Trump was publicly supporting the opponent in order to misguide the media into directing their expected attacks on Sen. Strange instead of Judge Moore. There certainly seems to be no hard feelings on the part of the victor over the public support for the vanquished. By the way the story, and also the rumor mill during the campaign, was that Sen. Luther Strange was heavily supported by the Senate leadership to the tune of more than a million dollars. This has given me a certain degree of amusement and satisfaction and it is hoped that those of us longing for a more responsible and stiff-spined leadership  sporting an ‘R’ in their claimed affiliation will have our wishes granted.

Of course we, outside of Alabama, will have no say in the results, but we can hope, and continually pray, that the result will engender a turn from the past course of events to one producing a stronger and better nation, with emphasis on personal character,  honesty and self reliance.