Media reports criticizing energy seem to be fueling demonstrations

It continues to irritate me how the national (and some local) media insists on giving major exposure to various and sundry groups demonstrating against this or that energy project. Usually, the actual numbers of people involved is rather small, but they are given wide coverage in both electronic and print media while those in favor of such projects are completely ignored.

During World War II there was a major pipeline project from Oklahoma to the New England states that was conceived and designed and the right-of-way purchased and built in record time. Of course, there was no opposition reported, and if there was any, the FDR Administration would have immediately come down on the reporting news media. After all, the purpose was to get supplies of fuel of all sorts from here where there was an abundance to there, since the Nazi submarines were happily sinking the tankers going from Gulf Coast ports to East Coast ones, around Florida, where they simply waited for them to show up as torpedo targets.

If memory serves me correctly, that line was 24 inches in diameter and thus larger than any that had previously been built for that distance. By comparison, the Trans-Alaska pipeline is at least twice that size. The comparison of capacity of pipe is based on the square of the radius. For example, a 6-inch line has more than three times the volume capacity of a 3-inch line. The square of three is nine while the square of one and a half is two and a quarter.

It has been mentioned before that there is a worldwide organization dedicated to the reduction of the Earth’s population, by starvation or eradication. Thus it becomes my opinion that most, if not all, of these energy protests are made up of professional protesters or misguided uninformed activists.

As a case in point, I ran across a clipping of a newspaper story the other day dated January 27, 2013, that had not been commented on. The headline read, “Virginia divided over proposed ore mining.” The following sub-headline was “Mining uranium WOULD bring jobs but COULD also be hazardous (emphasis mine). The story was on page 12 of the first section, but included two color pictures. In the story it was stated that there was estimated to be enough uranium to power every nuclear power plant in the United States for two and a half years, which did not make sense to me, since it is my understanding that one fueling of a nuclear generator, or ship, is usually considered good for 20 years. The ore was reported to be 1,500 feet deep, so could not be mined in open pits.

Since nothing more has been seen, it would appear the opponents prevailed politically.

We should all remember the hue and cry against the stalled Keystone XP project from production in Canada to the Gulf Coast. Most of the protesters were from out of state Nebraska and had come in to raise a fuss. PRESBO has not approved the north section from the border, and this after publicly proclaiming while in Cushing, Oklahoma, on a campaign trip that he would fast track the approval. All the while proclaiming time and again that he was going to put out of business coal-fired generating plants and the coal mines, which would substantially raise our electric bills.

My opinion is that those who oppose the above, as well as a strong military defense, should be made to do without such products or services. It continues to irritate my disposition to see, or hear of, these groups being able to so easily get their way to the detriment of the vast majority of the rest of us. And when they become violent and destructive such as the “Greenpeace” protestors, they should feel the natural result of incarceration, as any of the rest of us would.