Editorial: Messy DT parking getting worse

How do you improve parking in Downtown Tulsa?

By getting rid of any free parking spaces while making parking more complicated and expensive.

At least that is the view of Mayor G.T. Bynum and some city councilors.

It is strange that their stated goal is to get more people to go downtown and yet they keep coming up with expensive bureaucratic ideas that drive Tulsans away.

Parking in Downtown Tulsa is a mess, to say the least. Some parking meters have been replaced by kiosks that are impossible to read in broad daylight and are unclear on procedures.

Tulsa Community College should offer a course titled, “How to pay for parking in Downtown Tulsa.”

The parking by the Police Building is a perfect example. In the good old days, Tulsans with business in the Civic Center Complex could put coins in a convenient meter right next to the vehicles.

Now, they have to go to a parking kiosk, type in their tag number, get a ticket and return to their car to post the ticket in the windshield. And at key times during the day, the line at the kiosk is really long – especially for first-time customers who have to return to their cars twice to write down their tag number.

And that system is going to get more complicated as smartphones begin to replace real money and the cost of parking eventually skyrockets. Most consumers will get one taste of this madness and then go eat in South Tulsa, where parking is free and uncomplicated.

Tulsa officials are all about growing government in cost and control. Parking is messy and won’t get better under their new schemes.