Editorial: Molly McKay for House District 78

Oklahoma needs Molly McKay in the House of Representatives.

McKay is the Republican nominee for House District 78 in Tulsa and will be on the November 8 ballot.

She was raised on a farm and got a degree in chemistry and biology from Southwest Baptist College in Missouri. She went to law school at night at The University of Tulsa and is a successful patent attorney. She is an outspoken Christian. She and her husband are members of Southeast Baptist Church. McKay is president of the Florence Park South Neighborhood Association and president of the TU Law Alumni Association.

She is an adjunct settlement judge in federal court and president of the Tulsa Women Lawyers Association. Her list of professional accomplishments is impressive.

McKay has a background in agriculture, the hospitality industry, education (she was a graduate teaching assistant), energy (a former chemist), environmental compliance, real estate and patent law. She has been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel, Amanda Teegarden and other genuine conservatives. McKay is genuinely pro-life. A former auxiliary police officer, she strongly supports the right to bear arms. She won’t vote to raise taxes.

About one-fourth of Oklahoma drivers don’t have liability insurance and McKay has a plan to lower that number. She thinks that public school teachers are underpaid and that parents ultimately are responsible to educate their children.

McKay wants to reform the state budget process and have that decided earlier in the annual session. McKay is the most qualified candidate for District 78. She is right on all the issues and she has a proven track record of accomplishment.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Molly McKay for House District 78 and encourages our readers to support her.