More and more troubling news keeps appearing on the horizon

As each week goes by, more and more information comes out that arouses my suspicions concerning the agenda being acted out by numerous groups around the nation.

Almost every week, stories seem to be generated about attacks made on members of the police forces at all levels.  For a few months now, a concentrated attack has been leveled against Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz, with the excuse being a situation last fall when a reserve deputy came to the assistance of active deputies in a sting operation. The deputy pulled his gun by mistake instead of his taser and fired on an escaping felon, killing him.  A self-appointed group circulated a petition calling for a grand jury investigation of the department management and removal of Mr. Glanz and a judge granted that request.  This despite Glanz having already announced he would not be seeking re-election in 2016.

Then in May, it has been charged that the sheriff of adjoining Wagoner County has committed a crime by ordering staff to falsify his required continuing CLEET education.  It seems to me that attacks such as these could very well be instigated by a current or former member of the force in order to take over or get even for a bad evaluation.

Of course, there is rarely, if ever, a name or names publicized of the accuser(s). In one case in the Tulsa County situation, it was finally determined that accusations were coming from a former member, discharged for cause, who was in jail on felony counts in a different county.

Then we have the widely ballyhooed stories of the situations at Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, where the city police have been effectively taken over by federal officials, or so it seems.  Numerous reports have surfaced, in both print and electronic media that the Baltimore police, having been publicly told by the mayor to “stand down and let the rioters do their thing” are continuing to do so. Now the people are complaining that the “gangers” are freely gathering on street corners. And if a patrol car drives by, the officers just look and wave.  The old adage of “be careful what you ask or pray for as you just might get it” is, and always has been, quite true.  Unfortunately for them, many men and women have found that out after demanding a divorce.  There the murder rate has skyrocketed.

The worst thing that has come to my attention, admittedly not yet verified, is a report from an individual who has investigated that during the last decade, during the Bush 43 administration, a bill was passed and signed into law that in effect repealed the old “posse comitatus” law which served to prevent the use of United States’ armed forces against its citizens who are within the nation.  National Guard were exempted by being commanded by the governor.

It is my opinion that the PC law was violated by the use of military heavy equipment in the Branch Dividian situation during the Clinton Administration in the 1990s.  That attack resulted in the burning to death of a number of adults and children in their own building who were members of a religious sect.  That attack was approved, if not ordered, by then Attorney General Janet Reno, a Democrat from Florida.

My informant, a retired 20-year veteran of Viet Nam, also stated that a survey of active duty Marines showed that 36 percent would be willing to take up arms against U.S. citizens.  A breakdown of the those 36 percent indicated they were many minorities and Muslims. If so, they would be in violation of their oath of enlistment, as would be the officers ordering them to do so.

In the meantime, a substantial number of career officers who would not issue such orders have been forced into retirement.

We should all remember that when going to the polls in 2016 and after.  Maybe those who have acquired new or additional firearms are on the right path.